NLP life coaching internationally

You have landed on the home page of a site about neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) life coaching. If you are a coach or personal development professional, this site is NOT for you. This site is for members of the public not involved in the field of psychology, coaching, nor personal development.

What can you do here?

Why should you get life coaching from this coach and none other?

  • Because most life coaches use NLP, but do not specialize in it.
  • Because this NLP coach has the unique combination of four areas in which she specializes.
  • Certainly because NLP makes life coaching far more potent and effective than standard coaching.
  • And also because you can get life coaching from this coach worldwide by phone and online and in person in London UK and Toronto Canada,
  • across the timezones 24/7/365(6) even during holidays.
  • You can get help from this coach with health, relationships, money, career, and success.

Who and what is NLP coaching good for?

  • Adults, children, teenagers
  • Professionals with busy / traveling schedules
  • People geographically anywhere
  • Certainly those for whom time is precious
  • People who want the best out of life
  • Organizing thinking, time, money, actions
  • Dismantling and installing habits
  • Making useful decisions
  • Smoking, drinking, eating, narcotics, other addictions
  • Exploring what and why you believe and never questioned so far
  • Using intuition to your benefit
  • New viewpoints on grief / loss of people, things, states of mind, opportunities, potential
  • Issues about weight / appearance / body image
  • Issues about age
  • Phobias, allergies, systemic Illnesses, physical trauma and injuries
  • And finally building helpful strategies for health, relationships, career, money, success.

Is life coaching the best approach for you?

Here is how coaching differs from guiding, teaching, mentoring, and other roles.

And here is how coaching differs from counselling, therapy, consulting, training.

The benefits of life coaching and especially NLP life coaching are immense. And the value that coaching added to the lives of people who had it is immeasurable. Ask people who had life coaching. Hear what they’ll tell you. Or help yourself to resources on NLP, coaching, and more.