What can this NLP life and learning difficulties coach give you that other coaches cannot?

  • specialty in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) unlike most life coaches who use, but don’t specialize in it
  • will help you anywhere in the world by phone or online 24/7 365(6) across the time zones or in person in London UK and Toronto Canada
  •  will help you get more out of your health, relationships, careers, money
  • And if literacy or numeracy related learning difficulties stand in your way, she is the only coach in Canada and the only NLP coach worldwide who can help you unlearn them with NLP.
  • Or if you’re in dispute with your landlord or tenant, she can coach you through it to a successful resolution
  • …and will do more for you after each coaching session.  But she won’t disclose that on this page so as not to give the competition valuable ideas!