NLP for Time, Money, Energy

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Do you often feel that you don’t have time, money, or energy? Or two or all of them at once? What does it say about how you vote with these three precious resources? How can NLP help you always have enough time, money, and energy? Read the rest of this entry »

NLP coaching for retail

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How is it possible that consumers are getting such poor service from brands of all tiers of the market despite all the coaching that retail store managers and sales associates get these days?

The standard of service doesn’t reflect the amount of coaching in retail

Any store manager will highly likely tell you if you ask that s/he and his or her sales team get a lot of coaching. Much of the coaching happens at their stores. And more coaching periodically comes from the head office of the brand… Yet sales staff very often doesn’t seem to know even the basics of communication with people. I’ve listed common mistakes of professionals in retail banking in this article. And I’ve also written about how even high end retail brands often display incongruence in their integrity. Due to the amount of coaching that retail staff gets it would be logical to conclude that the standard of service to consumers will climb. But it isn’t so. And I speak from experience as a mystery shopper and NLP coach in retail.

How NLP coaching adds value to retail

Retail is most certainly detail. And so is NLP. NLP coaching in retail studies the process of serving a customer. Mystery shopping, or market research, does the same thing. How a sales associate times and delivers his or her greeting when a customer enters a store. Or what language the associate uses to sell us a product. And also whether the language fits with the brand image, environment, and clientele of the brand. How the sales associate addresses a client’s objection to the product. Or how – or if – the sales associate informs the client about various services that the brand offers. What mistakes so many sales associates make at the end of a customer’s visit. All this is the detail of retail. And all this is what the detail of NLP can directly influence and significantly improve.

I’ve been a mystery shopper…

…hence learnt to notice the detail of retail far more than any other consumer ever will. Any other consumer who doesn’t have to write a report on the sales staff’s performance after he visits a store will most probably take the prevalently poor service on a face value. And very unfortunately accept it as standard. And this is exactly where the standards are slowly sliding with each generation. They’re sliding despite the fact that brands are spending crazy money on heightening their image and position on the market. Brands want to differentiate themselves in the eyes of consumers…. yet their staff so very often lets them down. This is where NLP coaching can tremendously help in retail. And I have the unique combination of knowing how to use the tools of NLP and observe the aspects of service that market research companies ask me in their reports.

NLP coaching for artists

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NLP coaching for artists? Why? It’s really sad to see how many A-list and any-list artists are taking their lives. Why do so many artists do it? What drives them to do it? Where does NLP coaching have value for artists?

We all know that fame doesn’t always mean happiness

We people have the need for challenge built into us. When we’re “ordinary” or “common” folk, we want to be famous. And when many of us become famous, they want to be “ordinary” or “common”…  People with straight hair want curly hair and people with curly hair straighten their hair… you get the idea. Many people never seem to be happy with what they have. They want more. And when they get more, they want more again… And when they get it all, what then?

Too much too fast…

Artists are, of course, people. When many artists get it all, they go off the rails. Pleasure is harder for most people to handle than pain, hence when many artists get too much too fast, the burden of the pleasure becomes too heavy. This is when they start drinking, doing drugs, taking pills, or doing other stupid things, and the circle of euphoria begins. And it will last a while. Months for some, years for others – everyone has a different capacity. But how long will this circle make them happy for?

Everything has a limit

How long the circle will make artists happy for is individual to each person. The point is that there will come a day when this circle of drinking, drugs, pills, or other stupid things will hit a limit. By this time the artist in the circle feels dull, isolated, uninspiring, boring, and ready for suicide despite his or her immense fame. Due to the isolation s/he doesn’t feel inclined to speak about his/her feelings even to the closest of people. Hence s/he hits a wall which is too high and impenetrable. That’s when s/he takes his or her life. And the world of fans, fellow artists, managers, colleagues, family members, and friends wonders in awe how it could possibly have happened…

Would NLP coaching for artists prevent so many artists’ suicides?

Many people look at the money that coaching costs before the value it would add to their lives. Artists are a special breed – they feel special. And they must be! Or would they be famous if they didn’t stand out for something special in them? Many artists have the egos to go with the notion of being special. And these egos dismiss coaching as something “mundane” or even embarrassing. What if the paparazzi found out that an artist had a coach? How would the media report on the fact? Would the media and consequently fans label artists who had coaching as sad or ridden with problems? Surely that would cause harm to the artist’s image…  But on the other hand, isn’t this a rather negative angle to look at it from?

What if NLP coaching could help artists…

…truly enjoy the fame and use it as a motivating factor to keep being the best? Could NLP coaching help artists learn how to channel their creativity in healthy ways? Drinking, drugs, pills, and other stupid things don’t have to be the only way to enjoy ourselves when we have it all. After all, the many artists who don’t engage in these vices serve as living proof to this fact. They keep exercising the passion that once started them on the way to getting to the A-list or any list. They live in gratitude, instead of in attitude. They enjoy healthy family lives, strong friendships, fulfilling collaborations.

I was once an artist…

…discovered child prodigy of the classical piano. Like Mozart, I started performing at 6. I left the life of professional concertizing and the world of classical music after I finished magistral studies for the passion of NLP and coaching. So I should know a thing or two about the mentality of artists and helping them live more fulfilling lives.

February 1 – a Better Time to Start on New Year’s Resolutions?

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Start acting your new year’s resolutions? Read on if you live in the northern hemisphere, because while enjoying the height of summer, people in the southern one have no issues which this article will discuss! The gist of this article also won’t apply if you’re so strongly motivated and determined to reach your goals that nothing will distract you. But if you could do with more motivation, read on. And get some good coaching! It’s never too late to start acting on your new year’s resolutions. Read the rest of this entry »

NLP and Retail – How High End Brands Let Themselves Down

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Retail is detail and so is NLP. High end retail brannds spend crazy money on being at the high end of the market so that they can justify the prices they charge.  But they tremendously let themselves down at their core. How?  The NLP coach explains.

Read the rest of this entry »

Do Guarantees for Success of Life Coaching Exist?

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Do guarantees for the success of life coaching exist? Is life coaching guaranteed to help you? Is life coaching a good return on your investment?
Read the rest of this entry »

Why Keeping the Momentum of Life Coaching Is Important

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Many clients who start life coaching start skipping the weekly sessions after the first few sessions. Hence they break the momentum of the coaching process with excuses of other priorities.  Why is it important to discipline yourself to keep the momentum of coaching?

Read the rest of this entry »

Why Coaching Has More Value Over 3-4 Months Than Over 4-6 Weeks

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Many coaches offer coaching over 4 – 6 weeks and the possibility to extend it. Coaching in blocks of 3 months is standard practice in executive coaching. Now more life coaches are jumping on the bandwagon by offering 3-month blocks of life coaching.  Why does this length of coaching have more value than coaching over 4 – 6 weeks?  Read the rest of this entry »

5 NLP Tips for Legal Professionals With(out) Learning Difficulties

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Can lawyers and legal professionals with learning difficulties get help without incurring too much cost in time, money, and energy?  If yes, how can NLP help?   Read the rest of this entry »

NLP for People Who Work With Computers

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If you are one of the people who work with computers or if you work at the computer for long periods of time no matter what your profession, how can NLP you enjoy the time at the computer and make it healthier? How can you be more productive in a shorter time so that you will have to sit at the computer less? Read the rest of this entry »

Why Teaching NLP in Schools Would Benefit Societies

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The inventor of the idea of schools teaching sex education from early grades thought that it would benefit societies. Teaching NLP in schools would benefit societies too.  How?  What payback would we all get in the long term if we started teaching NLP in schools?     Read the rest of this entry »

Reading and Language Delay in an Autistic Child

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Albeit I’m not an expert in working with autistic people. I did help one parent of an autistic child with his reading and language delay. Here’s how.
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7 NLP Tips for Creating Fulfilling Life

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This is the age of achievement.  Never have more people accomplished more things in different fields.  More people are becoming successful at a faster rate than ever in history.  There have never been more opportunities for you to turn your dreams into reality. Despite this fact there’re always plenty of people whose lives are the opposite of fulfilling.  How come?  If it was really so hard to make life fulfilling, would there be so many successful people who know how to make their lives fulfilling?  Here’re the 7 launching pads of this rocket science… Read the rest of this entry »

NLP for Your Maximal Efficiency in Minimal Time

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Time, efficiency, productivity are closely connected. How can NLP help you beautifully harmonize them?  Read the rest of this entry »

NLP for Memorizing and Remembering

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How does NLP help to improve memorizing and remembering?   Read the rest of this entry »

Why Help Never Gets to Those Who Need It Most

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Why do so many people not see that they have a problem? Why won’t they admit that they need help? And why do they seem to be exactly the people who need help the most? Read the rest of this entry »

NLP for Professional Development

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How can NLP help you make every minute count in your professional development?   Read the rest of this entry »

NLP for Habits

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Why do old habits die hard? Why is it hard to stop smoking, lose weight, etc.? How can NLP help kill bad and build good habits?

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NLP Tips for Literacy Teachers of Primary Schoolchildren

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How can you help STOP DYSLEXIA NOW?

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NLP and life coaching resources

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These NLP and life coaching resources will certainly enrich you:

Marc Adamus very generously allowed me to showcase his beautiful photos on all pages of this site. Therefore bless his heart!

Resources on NLP and life coaching

Beliefs: Pathways to Health & Wellbeing – Robert Dilts, Tim Hallbom, Suzi Smith

Heart of the Mind – Connirae Andreas & Steve Andreas

NLP & Health – Ian McDermott & Joseph O’Connor

NLP & Relationships – Ian McDermott & Joseph O’Connor

Practical NLP for Managers – Ian McDermott & Joseph O’Connor

The Art of Systems Thinking – Joseph O’Connor & Ian McDermott

The NLP Coach – Ian McDermott & Wendy Jago

Your Inner Coach – Ian McDermott & Wendy Jago

Resources on life coaching and personal development

10, 10, 10 – Suzy Welch

Archetypal Practices for Collective Wisdom – Thomas Hurley

Characterological Transformation: the Hard Work Miracle – Stephen M. Johnson

Coactive Coaching – Laura Whitworth

Flow: the Psychology of Optimal Experience – Mihaly Czikszentmihalyi

From Knowledge to Wisdom – Julio Olalla

Hare Brain, Tortoise Mind – Guy Claxton

How to Know God: the Soul’s Journey Into the Mystery of Mysteries – Deepak Chopra

Inner Simplicity – Elaine St. James

It’s Only Too Late If You Don’t Start Now – Barbara Sher

Life Makeovers – Sheryl Richardson

Slowing Down to the Speed of Life – Richard Carlson & Joseph Baily

Portable Coach – Thomas Leonard

The 20-minute Break – David Nimmons & Ernest Rossi

The 5 Love Languages – Gary Chapman

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Stephen Covey

The Art of Happiness – Dali Lama

The Artist’s Way – Julia Cameron

The Hero With a Thousand Faces – Joseph Campbell

The Purpose of Your Life – Carol Adrienne

The Soul of Capitalism: Another Consequence of the Way We Hold Knowing – William Greider

Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill

Time to Think – Nancy Kline

Trading Tribes – Ed Seykota

Whishcraft – Barbara Sher

Words That Change Minds – Shelle Rose Charvet

Your Money or Your Life – Vicky Robins & Joe Dominiquez

Resources on ontological coaching

Coaching to the Human Soul – A. Sieler

Language and the Pursuit of Happiness – C. Brothers

Resources on coaching for organizations

A Healthy Classroom – Michael Grinder

Age of Unreason – Charles Handy

An Unused Intelligence – Andy Bryner & Dawna Markova

Charisma Cats & Dogs – Michael Grinder

From Good to Great – Jim Collins

Rethinking the Future – Rowan Gibson

Resources on philosophy

A Theory of Everything – Ken Wilber

Global Mind Change – Willis Harman

Passion of the Western Mind – Richard Tarnas

Philosophical Hermeneutics – Hans-Georg Gadamer

Quantum Questions – edited by Ken Wilber

Reality Isn’t What It Used to Be – Walter T. Anderson

Boomeritis – Ken Wilber

Resources on science

Biology As Ideology – R.C. Levontin

Molecules of Emotion – Candace Pert

Technopoly: the Surrender of Culture to Technology – Neil Postman

The Holographic Universe – Michael Talbot

The Structure of Scientific Revolutions – Thomas Kuhn

The Tree of Knowledge – Humberto Maturana & Francisco Varela

Resources on nature

The Healing Power of Pets – Harnessing the Amazing Ability of Pets to Make and Keep People Happy and Healthy – Marty Becker

The Secret Life of Nature – P. Tompkins

The Secret Life of Plants – P. Tompkins

The Spell of the Sensuous – David Abram

Resources on body/movement learning

Awakening Intuition – Frances E. Vaughan

Elusive Obvious – Moshe Feldenkrais

Holding the Center – Richared Strozzi Heckler

Retooling on the Run – Stuart Heller

The Body Has Its Reasons – Therese Bertherae

Historic essays

A World Lit Only by Fire – William Manchester

The Buried Mirror – Carlos Fuentes

The Chalice and the Blade: Our History Our Future – Riane Eisler

Resources on miscellaneous topics

A General Theory of Love – Fari Amini

Boobs in Paradise – David Brooks

Creative Visualisation – Shakti Gawain

Descartes’ Error: Emotion, Reason, and the Human Brain – Antonio Rosa Damasio

Go See the Movie in Your Head – Joseph E. Shorr

Man and His Symbols – Carl Jung

Presence – Peter Senge

Spiral Dynamics – DonBeck & Chris Cowan

The Crash Course: the Unsustainable Future of Our Economy, Energy, and Environment – Chris Martenson

The Life We Are Given – George Leonard & Michael Murphy

The Origin of Dreams – Joseph Griffin

…and also NLP resources

Richard Bandler the founder of NLPRobert Dilts NLP developer
Michael Grinder the founder of NLPTim & Kris Hallbom NLP trainers and also developers
Steve & Connirae Andreas NLP trainers and also developersSuzi Smith an expert in applying NLP in health
Art Giser Energetic NLPJulio Olalla consultant and coach
 International Teaching Seminars International Coach Federation

NLP life coaching online

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What are the direct benefits of NLP life coaching online? Why is life coaching online so popular worldwide now?

  • because it’s convenient
  • practical
  • can be cheaper than telephone coaching
  • saves time, money, energy, traveling
  • allows geographical freedom
  • keeps many things in one place – on one device.

Another wonderful benefit of life coaching online, as well as telephone coaching, is that it can remove the visual distractions of seeing the coach [and other details, such as what the coach is wearing] for the more visual client. The coached person can therefore concentrate better on putting thoughts into words. And it allows a person who is strengthening his/her visual channel to visualize the content of the coaching session.

Life coaching online by email consists of typing emails in real time. I send all people whom I coach highlights from each session by email. They can refer to them anytime for the rest of their lives!  Some people prefer coaching online by email because they catch thoughts by typing them and seeing them in text. They remember things that they typed better. Sound – words – is volatile. Visual information – typed words – is solid, static, therefore easier to remember. This is why we prefer to communicate on paper in legal and administrative situations.

Life coaching online is also advantageous for easy sharing of texts, articles, web links, videos, images, and audio files such as recordings of telephone seminars / podcasts. Sending a file online takes time off the coaching session.  The coach and coached person can view files instantly and  immediately incorporate their content into the life coaching process.  As a result there’s no need to remember to send files later, nor put sending them on a to do list.

You can get NLP life coaching online here by EMAILING THE LIFE COACH    and by Skype  Skype star-of-the-world

NLP life coaching fees

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(NLP) Life coaching fees – to have or not to have life coaching?

(NLP) life coaching fees can be exactly the element that makes a person decide to have coaching or not to have coaching. Many people seem to look at the fees first. Of course, money is important. We created and now have to live in a world which money keeps turning. Money is one of our precious resources. We can’t afford to waste it. And likewise, sometimes the fees are too high for our budget. That’s the common thinking.  But on the other hand, don’t we always somehow find the money for what we really want? If you want a better quality of life, the fees that you once paid for life coaching will fall into oblivion over the years of you enjoying that better quality of life. And the quality of life will also far outweigh the fees – and perhaps even earn you more money.

And the common thinking also applies to coaches. I’m one of a few coaches who display their fees. Many coaches do not, because they fear that the life coaching fees would scare people away. I believe in openness being the best policy, hence openly display my life coaching fees to give people a choice to decide whether they want to afford my life coaching or not. I wouldn’t like my time wasted, hence I don’t like wasting people’s time.

All coaching fees

…must be paid in advance and vary in exchange rates daily. Life coaching each new client starts with a one-off 2 hours’ intake session.  Regardless of the length of working with me a client will only need one intake session. Coaching for learning difficulties is separate from the life coaching packs, paid per session, and does not require an intake session.
Here is what success guarantees I give on my coaching. Due to the fact that free has no value and NLP life coaching has tremendous value I’m one of the unique few coaches who do not offer free consultations. You will get value even from the consultation, hence the fees for it will be well worthwhile.

2-hour intake session480550630830
116 weekly 30min sessions
Extendable to 8 & 12 months
260min NLP coaching for learning difficulties80100110140
390min NLP coaching for learning difficulties250285330430
Payment optionsCashPayPalBanktransfer

Benefits and value of NLP life coaching

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Life coaching is like a metro map. When you know the destination but don’t know how to get there, the map shows you options and you can plan your journey.

  • Life coaching is easy-going, natural, unobtrusive.
  • It flexibly fits with your location, schedule, circumstances.
  • Life coaching can take place absolutely anywhere.
  • You create the agenda, the coach certainly holds it.
  • You learn to understand what you do why.
  • Life coaching strengthens the memory.
  • It teaches you to communicate clearly and directly with yourself and others.
  • Life coaching certainly develops discipline.
  • It also helps you use your time, money, energy wisely.
  • The resources that you (re)gain in life coaching will save you time, money, energy in the long term.
  • You can deal with issues without telling their content.
  • The content of life coaching is confidential [unless we agree otherwise].
  • Life coaching helps you solve problems and make decisions.
  • It also helps you see situations from more points of view.
  • Life coaching helps you develop useful beliefs.
  • It benefits people of any age, culture, status, occupation.
  • Life coaching restores/strengthens integrity.
  • It explores and helps you learn who you are.
  • Life coaching inspires you to connect with the spiritual sphere.
  • And it offers an insight into what’s beyond you and how it fits into the wholeness of the universe.
  • Life coaching raises your creativity, worth, confidence.
  • …and certainly improves your health.

Life coaching is for…

…mentally healthy and resourceful people who want to explore, grow, improve, and use more of their potential. It unobtrusively creates powerful lasting changes. Life coaching happens in a series of sessions on the phone, in person, or online. The sessions are totally tailored to your needs. Hence the coach and you continuously design the flow of coaching and follow your agenda. You determine the agenda for each session. You can address a variety of issues in health, relationships, work, money, and success in the coaching sessions.

The roots of life coaching can be traced to the Inner Game books of the mid 1970s. In these books W. Timothy Gallwey suggested a paradigm shift in sports coaching. He had noticed that players corrected themselves when he coached with open questions instead of catching errors and offering suggestions. When a player relaxed and held a picture and feeling of the result s/he wanted, the player improved. The player corrected him/herself without even knowing that s/he had been in error. As the Inner Game books topped bestseller lists and Gallwey’s reputation grew, he found himself speaking more often to business leaders than to sports audiences. As the principles of the Inner Game were applied to professional development, the value of individual coaching became apparent.

NLP makes life coaching far more potent.

An NLP coach will more easily  see your viewpoint than a coach not trained in NLP because she will observe your physiology, listen to your language, and spot the patterns of your successes and “failures” in working with your environments, behaviors, capabilities, beliefs, values, identity, and all that is beyond who you are.

Did this inspire you to immerse yourself deeper in the world of NLP, life coaching, or personal development? Use these NLP and life coaching resources. They will guide and certainly enrich you.

NLP life coaching internationally

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You have landed on the home page of a site about Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) life coaching. If you are a coach or personal development professional, this site is NOT for you. This site is for you if you’re a member of the public not involved in the field of psychology, coaching, nor personal development.

What can you do here?

Why should you get life coaching from this coach and none other?

  • Because most life coaches use NLP, but do not specialize in it.
  • Because this NLP coach has the unique combination of four areas in which she specializes.
  • Certainly because NLP makes life coaching far more potent and effective than standard coaching.
  • And also because this coach offers life coaching worldwide: in person in London UK and Toronto Canada, by phone, and online
  • across the timezones 24/7/365(6) even during holidays which is truly unique.
  • This coach can help you with health, relationships, money, career, and success.

NLP coaching is ideal for:

  • Adults, children, teenagers
  • Professionals with busy / traveling schedules
  • People geographically anywhere
  • Certainly those for whom time is precious
  • People who want the best out of life
  • Organizing thinking, time, money, actions
  • Dismantling and installing habits
  • Making useful decisions
  • Smoking, drinking, eating, narcotics, other addictions
  • Exploring what and why you believe and never questioned so far
  • Using intuition to your benefit
  • New viewpoints on grief / loss of people, things, states of mind, opportunities, potential
  • Issues about weight / appearance / body image
  • Issues about age
  • Phobias, allergies, systemic Illnesses
  • And finally building helpful strategies for health, relationships, career, money, success.

The benefits of life coaching and especially NLP life coaching are immense. And the value that coaching added to the lives of people who had it is immeasurable. Ask people who had life coaching. Hear what they’ll tell you. Or help yourself to resources on NLP, coaching, and more.