NLP coaching for artists

NLP coaching for artists? Why? It’s really sad to see how many A-list and any-list artists take their lives. Why do so many artists do it? What drives them to do it? Where does NLP coaching have value for artists?

We all know that fame doesn’t always mean happiness

We people have the need for challenge built into us. When we’re “ordinary” or “common” folk, we want to be famous. And when many of us become famous, they want to be “ordinary” or “common”…  People with straight hair want curly hair and people with curly hair straighten their hair… you get the idea. Many people never seem to be happy with what they have. They want more. And when they get more, they want more again… And when they get it all, what then?

Too much too fast…

Artists are, of course, people. When many artists get it all, they go off the rails. Pleasure is harder for most people to handle than pain, hence when many artists get too much too fast, the burden of the pleasure becomes too heavy. This is when they start drinking, taking drugs, pills, or doing other stupid things, and the circle of euphoria begins. And it will last a while. Months for some, years for others – everyone has a different capacity. But how long will this circle make them happy for?

Everything has a limit

How long the circle will make artists happy for is individual to each person. The point is that there will come a day when this circle of drinking, drugs, pills, or other stupid things will hit a limit. By this time the artist in the circle feels dull, isolated, uninspiring, boring, and ready for suicide despite immense fame. Due to the isolation s/he doesn’t feel inclined to speak about his/her feelings even to the closest people. Hence s/he hits a wall which is too high and impenetrable. That’s when s/he takes his or her life. And the world of fans, fellow artists, managers, colleagues, family members, and friends wonders in awe how it could possibly have happened…

Would NLP coaching for artists prevent so many artists’ suicides?

Many people look at the money that coaching costs before the value it would add to their lives. Artists are a special breed – they feel special. And they must be! Or would they be famous if they didn’t stand out for something special? Many artists have the egos to go with the notion of being special. And the egos dismiss coaching as not necessary or even embarrassing. What if the paparazzi found out that an artist had a coach? How would the media report on the fact? Would the media and consequently fans label artists who had coaching as sad or ridden with problems? Surely that would cause harm to the artist’s image…  But on the other hand isn’t this a rather negative angle to look at it from?

What if NLP coaching could help artists…

…truly enjoy the fame and use it as a motivating factor to keep being the best? Could NLP coaching help artists learn how to channel their creativity in healthy ways? Drinking, drugs, pills, and other stupid things don’t have to be the only way to enjoy ourselves when we have it all. After all, the many artists who don’t engage in these vices serve as living proof to this fact. They keep exercising the passion that once started them on the way to the A-list or any list. They live in gratitude instead of attitude. And they enjoy healthy family lives, strong friendships, fulfilling collaborations.

I was once an artist…

…a child prodigy classical pianist. Like Mozart, I started performing at 6. I left the life of professional concertizing and the world of classical music after I finished magistral studies for the passion of NLP and coaching. So I should know a thing or two about the mentality of artists and helping them live more fulfilling lives.