NLP for Breaking the Vicious Circles

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We all know too well how hard beginning to build or getting back into good habits can be.  Breaking the vicious circles  to get into the virtuous ones is the hardest thing for many people, which is why many poor or fat people remain poor or fat, etc. But equally, people who have broken the vicious circles and are now riding the virtuous ones will tell you that the pleasure of them is a thousand times stronger and longer than the best orgasm…  They have broken the vicious circles, which suggests that anyone can. But how?  NLP tells you here.

What leads to the point of us breaking a vicious circle has been written about countlessly.  But what happens after that point has not been written about, so I’m hereby breaking that circle. 🙂 And I’ll do so with a very easy example to relate to – from the world of fitness.  Imagine that you’ll go to exercise today for the first or after a long time.  If after a long time, perhaps you’ve been ill or away, thus couldn’t go, and now want to resume your regular fitness program.  So you go and exercise.  And working out feels terribly – it feels such hard work, you feel all your fat pockets aching the ache of inactivity, you feel so heavy and cumbersome, perhaps you seem to be sweating more or getting out of breath much more quickly, and perhaps you’re hating yourself for being in such terrible state.  But you persevere and take the workout to the end, because you know that you’ll feel far better coming out of the gym and sleep better tonight, and when you go again tomorrow, it’ll be far easier.  And it indeed will be far easier tomorrow, because our bodies respond amazingly quickly. Plus never mind the fact that feeling better coming out of the gym today is sufficiently motivating for you to go again tomorrow.  And of course, being able to tell yourself tonight that you’ve started and will continue tomorrow sounds far more acceptably.

The key to your success and pleasure of riding the virtuous circles is in practicing breaking the vicious circles again and again as the opportunities to do so come in life. Your ultimate and lifelong goal is to make the breaking an effortless transition.  It’s a fact of life that you’ll be ill or away and unable to go the gym for a longer period of time again at some point in life, thus you’ll go through the process of transition to resuming your regular fitness program again. You’ll feel the ache of inactivity, heavier sweat, breathing, and effort again on the first day, but the key to your long-term success and pleasure of enjoying the virtuous circles is to take the attitude that getting through this first – hardest – day is no big deal.  Tomorrow will be better.  And the third day will feel stellar…. And just imagine how stellarly you’ll feel in 2 weeks after resuming your fitness program!  Wow!  Practice makes you perfect at what you’re practising, thus the more you practice breaking the vicious circles, the faster and with less effort you’ll get into the virtuous ones. The attraction of the pleasure of the virtuous ones will get stronger, because you’ll be getting more of it in life. And as the years will pass, the virtuous circles in your life will ultimately become the norm, which is exactly where you want to be.

Need help, support, inspiration for getting into a virtuous circle in another aspect of your life? Contact me. 

Why Too Many Trainings Aren’t Good for You

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Surely there’s nothing like too much learning.  Learning never stops and we’ll never know everything. So isn’t it the case that the more we learn, the better? Won’t we be better experts in our fields the more courses, trainings, seminars we take?

Learning can be addictive just like many other things, and yes, there are addicts to learning in this world. These people sign up for every seminar, course, training that catches their attention propelled by the excitement of the promise that this course / seminar / training will make them better. But they don’t realize that while they’re course hopping they’re taking the focus away from the path of their core expertise – and  constantly out of pocket while contributing to the pockets of the organizers of the courses. Professionals in many fields hold courses and seminars because courses and seminars are a good earner. One needs only one venue, equipment, host or team of hosts, and marketing mechanism to hold a course, yet can have any number of people pay for it at once. The greater the number, the higher the profit.

If you tend to generalize, I’m not saying that going to courses, seminars, and trainings is bad.  I am saying that going to too many is bad – for your pocket and loss of focus.  Too many courses that teach different ways to kill the same cat can dilute your focus and get you pulled in too many directions.  Spreading yourself too thinly will make you a jack of all trades, but a master of none.  And while you’re sitting in all these courses and seminars you’re not helping your clients and learning valuable lessons in the process.

Another reason why too many seminars, trainings, courses aren’t good for you is that the brain can only hold so much information.  If we don’t use it, we lose it.  If we constantly learn new approaches to the same thing in new courses, we’re inevitably diluting the knowledge we already have, because we can’t learn new and revise the old at once.  If we don’t revise the old, we don’t solidify it in our memories and it’ll eventually go out of our minds. So in the final analysis we’ll always only hold a certain amount in our brains no matter how many trainings we go through.

If you’re starting in any professional field, you may be at a quandary about what path to take in the field – what to specialize in and focus on.  Full of enthusiasm you may feel lured by all the offers of courses, seminars, and trainings that you come across and be confused about what to take even before you get addicted to  trainings… You will do yourself best service if you decide – and record on paper – what you want to focus on and specialize in and what skills you need to learn and what skills you can put on the horizon of future possibilities. Then pick training that will give you the skills essential for your specialization and when you’ve done all the training in and plenty of practical experience of them you’ll be better informed about what else you need to learn and what you want to learn for additional inspiration.

NLP and Self-sabotage

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Why do many people sabotage themselves when they approach the peak of having done so well at something they’ve been improving, developing, building for a while? What NLP approach can we use to stop this self-sabotage happening and shift ourselves to a higher ground?  Read the rest of this entry »

Why Your Family Member or Friend Will Never Be Your Coach

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It’s amazing how many people would immensely benefit from coaching, yet don’t wanna pay for it, because their argument is that they can’t afford it or wouldn’t wanna talk to a stranger about their problems. They think that talking to their family members or friends about their problems will do the job, and perhaps even better, because the family member or friend knows and will understand them.  Here’s why this approach won’t work and coaches have tremendous value in and to the society. Read the rest of this entry »

NLP and Numerology: a Successful Collaboration

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How are NLP and numerology different and complementary to each other?  How can they each and combined help any person understand themself, their strengths, and limitations?  Read the rest of this entry »

Why Keeping the Momentum of the Life Coaching Process Is Important

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Many clients who start life coaching tend to start skipping the weekly sessions after the first two sessions, thus break the momentum of the coaching process up by excuses of other priorities.  Why is it important to discipline oneself to keep the momentum?

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Why Coaching Over 3 – 4 Months Adds More Value Than Coaching Over 4 – 6 Weeks

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Many coaches offer the coaching process of 4 or 6 weeks and then offer their clients the possibility to extend the it.  In the field of executive coaching asking clients to prepay 3-month blocks of coaching sessions is standard practice. And now more and more coaches are jumping on the bandwagon by offering 3-month blocks to their life coaching clients.  Why does this approach add more value than the traditional 4 – 6-week approach?  Read the rest of this entry »

NLP, Metaphors, and Health

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Many people say that the older they get, the slower their ailments heal, or the worse their health gets. Many others say that their injuries never fully healed. How do those people encourage and discourage healing without realizing it?   Read the rest of this entry »

NLP, Energy Clearance, and Learning Difficulties

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Why is regular clearing of the energy field vitally important for people with literacy / numeracy related and other learning difficulties?  Read the rest of this entry »

The NLP Energy Clearing Process

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How can you clear your energy field the NLP way?  Why is energy clearance important?  What can it help with?  Read the rest of this entry »

NLP and Relapses

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Why do we relapse just when we’re beginning to do so well?  What is the message in our relapses?  Read the rest of this entry »

NLP Chunking and Negotiation

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I wrote about the usefulness of NLP chunking for memorization and remembering here and for learning difficulties here.  But NLP chunking can be used in any context.  Here’s how it can help in negotiation.
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Do Guarantees for Success of Life Coaching Exist?

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One person recently having asked me this question inspired me to answer it publicly and add the answer to my site for others’ benefit.  Read the rest of this entry »

Looking for a Life Coach?

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Perhaps you are, which is why you’ve come to this blog post. But then, there’s so much information out there, there’re so many life coaches within Toronto or London UK alone, and there’re so many areas all these life coaches specialize in… so where do you start?  And how’s the service of life coaching administered? Read the rest of this entry »

February 1 – a Better Date for Starting on New Year’s Resolutions?

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Be enriched by reading on if you live in the northern hemisphere, because in the southern one, while enjoying the height of summer, people have absolutely no reason to even dream of issues this article will discuss! The gist of this article also won’t apply to you if you’re a person whose motivation and determination to reach your goal is so strong that nothing will distract you from reaching the goal. But if you are a person whose motivation can always be strengthened, read on – and get some good coaching! Read the rest of this entry »

So You Say Psychology Isn’t Important?

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It’s incredible how many times I’ve heard people [especially in the corporate professions such as transport, law, IT, banking, and a few others] tell me that they were worried about people who take a degree in psychology, because psychology was too wishy-washy, uncertain for the prospect of getting secure jobs on the basis of a degree in it, and somewhat not as important as were their professions [of course they’d say that!].  Their core argument was ‘we need lawyers, we need IT almighties, we need transport, we need bankers, but we don’t really need psychologists’.  These same people would also tell me that the number of people who go for a degree in psychology is the highest of all degrees simply because psychology is the easiest degree to get and if one wants a degree for the sake of the paper to give them the passport to a job in any field, a degree in psychology is an obvious choice without needing too much effort.  But then…   Read the rest of this entry »

Why Teaching NLP in Schools Would Benefit Societies

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The inventor of the idea of sex education being taught from early grades in schools thought that it’d be beneficial to societies in the same way as I’ve been maintaining for years that teaching NLP would.  How?  What payback would governments get in the long term if they implemented this idea?     Read the rest of this entry »

Happy – or Crappy New Year?

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Here we are past the doorstep of a new year again, but how many of us have actually become “better people” with the clock’s strike of 12?  Read the rest of this entry »

NLP for People Who Want to Be More Productive and Efficient

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Your mind is one of your most precious assets.  You must be continually working to increase the quality of your thinking.  So how can you make every minute count in your professional development?   Read the rest of this entry »

NLP for Creating Fulfilling Life

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This is the age of achievement.  Never have more people accomplished more things in more different fields than  these days.  More people are becoming successful at a faster rate than ever in history.  There have never been more opportunities for you to turn your dreams into reality than there are at present times. Despite this fact there’re always plenty of people whose lives are the opposite of fulfilling…  How come?  If it was really so hard to make life fulfilling, how come there’d be so many successful people who know how to make their lives fulfilling?  Here’re the 7 launching pads of this rocket science… Read the rest of this entry »