Why It’s Better to Hire an Unknown Coach Than a Famous Coach

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Many people looking for a life coach would love to have a famous coach who has coached big personalities.  Big names are big names for a reason. And ‘everyone’ wants them. It’s a virtuous circle of success attracting success. But is it really better to hire a life coach with a big famous name?  Or why should it be better to hire an unknown coach?  Read the rest of this entry »

NLP and Retail – How High End Brands Let Themselves Down

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Retail is detail and so is NLP. High end retail brannds spend crazy money on being at the high end of the market so that they can justify the prices they charge.  But they tremendously let themselves down at their core. How?  The NLP coach explains.

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NLP for Financial Professionals in Retail Banking

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How can financial professionals in retail banking use NLP to be credible, trustworthy, and different? If you are or know a financial services representative or financial advisor in retail banking or an independent financial professional, you or that person can make a big difference with these simple NLP tricks.  Read the rest of this entry »