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Why is it vital for people with learning difficulties to regularly clear their energy field?  How can it help them? How can it improve their lives? And what does NLP have to say on this subject?

Everything is energy, whether we see the energy or not.

Energy is all around. Look around and you’ll find it in nature and man-made environments. Objects, natural formations, plants, animals, and we are held together by energy. And we are energy. And we all have energy. Everything that objects do and all that we do requires and produces energy.  Resting, sleeping, thinking, and relaxing require and produce energy. Cycles in nature are and produce energy. We don’t always see energy, but we feel it. People with learning difficulties are very visual.  Visual processing requires and produces physical and mental energy. And when the visual sense is so strong that it overcrowds (hence weakens) other senses, the energy of the visual processing is even stronger as a result.

People who have difficulties with learning often work harder than people who learn easily. Difficulties with learning can bring on negative feelings. And negative feelings certainly bring on negative energy.  Hence the energy of the negative feelings plus the energy of visual processing can make an energetic bomb which many people aren’t equipped to handle.  Due to this energy gets pent up in people with learning difficulties. And the pentup can trigger a vicious circle of negativity: pressure to learn –  energy spent on trying to learn – more difficulty with learning – more negative energy…

This pentup of negative energy also applies to people who don’t have learning difficulties. This is why many people’s legs often ache when they return from work. They can’t explain why. They think “how can my legs ache when I’ve sat all day?” The answer is that the body packs the negative energy into the legs because that’s the farthest place from the brain. Now you know that you can clear your energy from the legs. Try it. You’ll see how quickly the pain will disappear.

This is why clearing the energy field is immensely important for people with learning difficulties.

When we regularly clear our energy field, we keep the energy level and balance in check. Clearing old / negative energy balances negative and positive energy. Regular clearing of energy also tremendously helps with grounding. Grounding is a fantastic relief for people with learning difficulties, because it calms and directionalizes energy. Clearing our energy field is like brushing our teeth or washing our bodies. And it requires the same discipline and commitment as does brushing teeth and washing ourselves. Of course, discipline, commitment, and viewing clearing our energy with the same importance as we view cleaning ourselves requires skill and time.  If you don’t have the skill yet, you can learn it. Or if the skill isn’t natural to you, practice and it will become natural.  The more often you clear your energy, the happier and healthier you’ll be.

When you make a habit of clearing your energy, you’ll see, hear, and feel amazing benefits in every aspect of life. You will be healthier, happier, more productive. Look at the benefits of clearing your energy here. And when you feel good energy, you learn more easily too. You can even help others feel better. The next time you hear a baby screaming on a plane or train, clear the energy in the plane. You’ll see what happens. How else can you apply clearing your energy in your life? I can show you.

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