Here’s why you won’t find life coaching testimonials on this website!

Albeit marketing experts stress the importance of testimonials on websites, my life experience has not granted me the privilege of being convinced by this advice.  After all, would anyone give you a bad testimonial?  And if anyone would, would you be brave enough to post it on your website?  So it goes without saying that testimonials will only sing praises to the business owner.  I do not see value in this for a person who is researching my website with the outlook of becoming my client.

Another question is: are testimonials genuine?  Most corporate high profile employees and small business owners, who are the most frequent clients of life coaches, will not be happy with posting their full names, company names, their positions within their companies, and contact details under the testimonial to make it credible.  Thus a testimonial signed with a first name and an initial of a surname or vice versa is not genuine, because unless provable that a real person wrote the testimonial [which can only be provable by some form of contact details], I could have written it myself!  This same issue of discretion applies to individuals who are not members of the business world.  I have worked with people who were happy to give me testimonials for my website, but did not wish me to post their full names under the testimonials, because they did not want their names to be picked up by search engines or have the fact that they or their family members [in case of UnLearning Difficulties With NLP] were my clients advertized on the worldwide web.

And what about video or audio testimonials?  Their genuineness is as much unprovable as is that of written testimonials.  I know people who started their business and asked a few friends to give them testimonials [with full names and even occupations posted beside the names] for their newly fledged websites, but I knew that these people were the business owners’ friends.  So what should stop me from asking a friend, or even a family member [who doesn’t look too alike me] to record a video or audio testimonial?

Besides, testimonials are everywhere, every website has them, so do potential clients really pay attention to them?  The answer lies with every individual.  I advise that you accept the points raised here as an expansion of your horizons and be guided by your intuition about the ambience and content of the website you’re researching.  After all, no matter how many testimonials you read, you’ll always form your own opinion in the end.