Exercises for Sharpening Your Visual Skills

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The following 3 exercises will sharpen your visual and observational skills and improve your memory.  The key is to do them regularly until you feel proficient and automatic at visualisation.

EXERCISE 1: stare at one object for 15 seconds.  Then close your eyes.  While your eyes are closed, notice how much of the object you see and how quickly it is disappearing.  Open your eyes and stare at the object for another 15 seconds.  Close your eyes again and notice how much more you see now that you didn’t before.  Keep doing this for as long as is fun for you.

EXERCISE 2: notice everything black in the room where you are.  Name all the things.  When done, notice all the round things in that room.  Again name them all.  When done, notice all the wooden things in that room.  Name them all.  Continue in a similar fashion – be creative!

EXERCISE 3: Imagine things that are part of your real life, but with crazy permutations. Examples are:
(a) your relative with pink hair [vary the colors…]
(b) a dog you know with a blue / green fur with orange dots [vary the colors and patterns…]
(c) your front door in many colors / patterns / materials…
..etc.  Fantasy has no limits.

And if you still feel that fantasy does have limits and need more NLP help with sharpening your visual skills, contact me.

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