Why Are Graphic Organizers Important for Students With Learning Difficulties?

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Graphic organizers are important not only for students with “learning disabilities” [I recommend replacing the word disabilities with the word difficulties because disability implies a static permanent state while difficulty implies a static but temporary state = we find a solution, implement it,  practise, and the difficulty will change to ease…], but also for students with any abilities because:  


  • they provide an instant visual source of information
  • students create a document which helps memorizing the subject, learning the word and memorizing it in the context of the subject, and trains students in writing – and neatness of writing
  • a picture can be more memorable than words – especially to children who are used to pictures from birth to when they come across words at school [which is often what confuses their brains].  So when the writing is organized in a graphic organizer, people will more likely remember the sections of each topic as pictures.  Adults also hanker pictures!  We live in the most visual era of all times!
  • as words are two-dimensional [which in many cases is exactly what confuses the brain], a graphic organizer adds the perception of three dimensions which makes it easier for the brain to handle
  • since paragraphs of words can give an overwhelming / chaotic impression, graphic organizers will chunk the piles of words into manageable bits which will be easier to take in.
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