Grounding and Ungrounding Effects of Arts on People With Learning Difficulties

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People with learning difficulties are highly visual, creative, and often very artistic. Likewise many artists have learning difficulties. Heightened artistic abilities and creativity can therefore be a huge asset when we want to eradicate learning difficulties.  But sometimes the same abilities can also be a drawback. Because highly creative people and artists are often ungrounded, lack of grounding contributes to learning difficulties. So here’re some grounding and ungrounding effects of arts on people with learning difficulties: 

Arts & recreational activities with ungrounding effects on people with learning difficulties:





viewing paintings, pictures, photographs

the musical genres: dance, disco, trance, hip hop, rap, RnB

some compositions of classical music from the 20th century

extreme / adventurous sports




Arts & recreational activities with grounding effects on people with learning difficulties:



knitting, embroidery, sewing

playing a musical instrument


musical genres: classical, country, house

epochs of classical music: baroque and classicism

martial arts


Tai Chi


The good thing is that if you are often ungrounded and want to practice grounding until it becomes part of your bloodstream, you can pick an artistic activity with a grounding effect.  Regularly engaging in it will kill two birds with one stone – you’ll enjoy the artistic activity and certainly become far more grounded over time.

And finally…

Here’s more on grounding and learning difficulties. Every person with and without learning difficulties can highly benefit from grounding. Artists can use grounding to tame stage fright before and while performing. I was a classical pianist before I became an NLP coach. If I had known about grounding then, I’d have far more fun on stage!

Here’s how you can get grounded and also grounding exercises not only for people with learning difficulties. People who practice dance, sports, yoga, martial arts etc. will find them more familiar, hence easier to learn. Of course, I’m always here to help you.

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