NLP coaching for landlords and tenants

How can NLP coaching be useful for landlords and tenants?

It seems to be a war of landlords against tenants

Renting is a trend on the rise in more and more countries because the costs of living rise and fewer people can afford to own their homes. Renting inevitably involves landlords and tenants. There are many happy partnerships between landlords and tenants. But we seem to hear more and more about unhappy partnerships between landlords and tenants. In the worst cases the unhappy partnerships turn into costly wars. It’s landlords against tenants and vice versa. And when we have a war, what then?

Landlords can benefit from NLP coaching

Indeed. What then? Wars between landlords and tenants can arise due to the fact that landlords don’t properly look after their places. Many landlords have the shortsighted attitude that profit is all that matters and maintenance is secondary. Tenants rightly expect service for which they pay dearly. They have the basic human right to live in decent homes where everything functions as it should. If landlords act on shortsighted greed and neglect their properties, tenants are unhappy. NLP coaching can help even the most hellish landlords turn their attitudes around.

Tenants can also benefit from NLP coaching

But tenants are not all stars either. Hellish or even professional tenants know well that the laws in many countries are heavily on their side. Hence they abuse the laws as much as possible without getting themselves into trouble. Many tenants scam landlords whom they see as vulnerable. Some tenants think that they don’t have to treat the homes they rent with respect because the homes will never be theirs. Other tenants think that they don’t have to move out when landlords give them notice to move out. Again, these tenants thus drive a wedge between them and their landlords. And many tenants think that they don’t have to pay for the service they get. With all these problems in sight tenants can also benefit from NLP coaching.

I was once a tenant and now am a landlord

Being on both sides of any game makes our experience richer. When I was a tenant, I observed the shortcomings of my landlords and resolved that I’d never have them when I become a landlord. And now when I am a landlord I do not have them, because when I observed them, NLP helped me objectively evaluate how I could prevent them. Instead I relish giving my tenants the service they expect and even a little more to show that I appreciate and value them.

Hence the fact that I’ve been a tenant and a landlord makes my NLP coaching for landlords and tenants richer and more credible. The fact that I coach in retail also adds value to my coaching landlords and tenants. This is because NLP in coaching for landlords will inevitably draw attention to the business side of being a landlord. NLP has the tools to help me observe the patterns, beliefs, physiology, and thinking that causes wars between landlords and tenants.