NLP, the Legal Profession, and Sport

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The legal profession may be paying well, but these professionals earn the money in much subtler ways than meets the eye of the member of the general public. No lawyer avoids the stress of the profession, such as demanding clients, pressure to increase the firm’s revenue, doing all possible to prevent clients being enticed by competitors, reduced secretarial and paralegal assiastance, increasing costs, new and more regulations, etc. 

So it’s little wonder that drug and alcohol consumption amongst legal professionals is high. Other subtle signs of stress include bad temper, headaches, tiredness, susceptibility to viral infections, absenteeism. Convenience dictates that upon the onset of symptoms we head for the medical cabinet, but why not consider a different (and in the long term more effective) approach to alleviating stress?

Sport improves fitness, energy levels, immunity, heart rate, blood pressure, vitality, physical regeneration, sleep, and happiness.  It helps us to relax and leads to the release of endorphins, nature’s feel-good chemicals.  Why not join a rowing club, regularly play squash, golf, or join a gym?  Team sports also bring the benefits of wider opportunities to socialise with people from other walks of life, build team spirit, and interact with the world outside the legal profession, which can bring a better sense of perspective.

Finally, an interesting fact: while growing age usually decreases the chance for lawyers to get a job in a more prestigious firm, these days sporty lawyers in their fifties and older improve that chance – at least in the U.S.  Law firms there will consider a middle-aged lawyer who regularly engages in sport much more readily than one who doesn’t.

If you are or know a legal professional who would benefit from NLP coaching, contact me.

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