Learning Difficulties in the Workplace

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The workplace is no exception to the occurrence of learning difficulties.  Many affected people have turned theirs into creative opportunities.  But what about the rest?
The rest are highly likely suffering [in silence?].  Some because of [self-perceived] embarrassment they [think they] would face if the world knew, others because they simply don’t know about there being help, and thence have settled for less in life.  Neither of these attitudes benefits anyone.  And the most insidious disbenefit is the subtlety of it – plus the fact that nobody would ever think to look to this area for the starting point of solutions.
A beautiful example of this insidious subtlety of people’s learning difficulties affecting the world of business hides in big corporations.  The English language may be easy on grammar, but makes up for it in spelling and pronunciation!  Sometimes it only takes one letter to change the meaning of a word and sometimes it only takes one word to change the meaning of a sentence or the whole report.  When it comes to changing the meaning of sentences, commas are even worse, because [let alone foreigners] many native English speakers, especially members of the generations who have never learnt grammar at school, don’t know how to use them correctly, if at all, and so are doing their best…  The breeding ground for misunderstandings can easily be set and misunderstandings in business can be costly in time, money, energy, and reputation.  Since our lives and businesses are all based on communication, businesspeople can’t afford to make mistakes here.  We live in the century of information and there is help if you or your employees need it. Because learning difficulties happen to the most intelligent, bright, creative people, a half day’s training at your company’s premises will be all you need to sort this out – because people will pick up the simple principles of deconfusing their brains very quickly.  And once you invest in your people this way, you’ll prevent a lot of hassle and leakage of your three most precious resources: time, money, and energy.
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