NLP for learning difficulties everywhere

NLP coaching for individuals and families with learning difficulties

Coaching cuts to the heart of the issue(s).  And certainly shows why sometimes whole families have learning difficulties!  You can get coaching in person in Toronto Canada and London UK, and by phone, Zoom, Signal, WhatsApp, or Skype worldwide.

NLP coaching for learning difficulties in your community

  • Families can learn to use their visual skills for spelling, reading, writing, and numbers.
  • People of all ages who speak any languages can learn useful ideas.
  • Anyone can learn to help someone with learning difficulties,
  • hence you can learn to help visual thinkers to learn visually.
  • People can learn in their community / club / group
  • … anywhere in Canada, the UK, and the world.
  • Coaching by phone and online is ideal for introducing NLP coaching for learning difficulties to people in the comfort of where they are. And it certainly saves time, traveling, and energy.

… in schools, colleges, universities, educational institutions

  • What would happen if you could dramatically reduce literacy learning difficulties in your educational institution?
  • How would that improve students’ behavior and motivation?
  • What if specialist staff could cope with students with learning difficulties?
  • Does your budgeting or funding pattern enable you to dramatically improve students’ literacy and numeracy to prepare them for employment and life?
  • I help staff members, students, and parents to overcome learning difficulties. When people learn easily, they behave better.
  • NLP coaching enables students to learn essential visual skills.
  • It also teaches very young children visual skills before they become confused by words and numbers. Therefore it helps to stop poor literacy / numeracy from young age.
  • I offer 1.5-hour short coaching sessions with small groups of students, educators of all types, and teaching support staff.
  • My coaching will enrich educators and staff’s professional development and visual learning.
  • Schools can certainly arrange coaching for parents. That will encourage parents’ involvement which is vital to children’s progress. And that will also improve adult literacy and numeracy.

Benefits to educational institutions:

  • better literacy and numeracy = better results = higher reputation
  • when students concentrate, pay attention, retain, comprehend,
  • they enjoy learning even more
  • students learn sequencing, remember more, learn foreign languages faster
  • learn better in the classroom
  • have higher self-esteem and that motivates them
  • hence students participate in class,
  • develop valuable study skills,
  • behave better due to feeling more confident and competent
  • educators understand students with learning difficulties
  • the wider community is involved in improving literacy and numeracy
  • educators and support staff contribute to their professional development
  • people understand how they learn and make decisions
  • highly intelligent visual students develop skills and full potentials
  • we learn techniques that help us understand children’s experiences
  • wider school / college / university / educational institution initiative
  • students enjoy learning in afterschool clubs even more
  • variety of activities – mental imagery contributes to all aspects of education
  • parents learn and consequently their children learn
  • less administration
  • hence faster marking
  • fewer disciplinary measures
  • more students pass exams, therefore fewer students retake exams
  • educational institutions have better results and reputations

NLP coaching for learning difficulties in the workplace

  • How can you and I help members of the working world to change their experience with words and numbers?
  • How can you and I help the business community?

Many adults believe that old dogs can’t learn new tricks. They concluded this due to old social conditioning, or due to what older generations believed about learning difficulties, or maybe due to the belief that they were born with or inherited learning challenges. Many adults likewise think that there’s nothing they can do about their learning difficulties. And they will therefore probably tell this to their children.  People can be very resistant to change because their beliefs function in systems, not in single thoughts.

Finally, NLP coaching for learning difficulties is available here for:

  1. businesses of all sizes
  2. entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial associations
  3. professional networks and associations
  4. organizations and corporations
  5. support groups
  6. rotary clubs
  7. charities
  8. public community centres and services
  9. government departments
  10. and also institutions working with offenders

Let’s talk about how I can most notably help your community with learning difficulties with NLP.