NLP life coaching fees

Life coaching fees – to have or not to have life coaching?

Life coaching fees can be exactly the element that makes a person decide to have coaching or not to have coaching. Many people seem to look at the fees first. Of course, money is important. It is one of our precious resources. We can’t afford to waste it. And likewise, sometimes the fees are too high for our budget. That’s the common thinking.  But on the other hand, don’t we always somehow find the money for what we really want? If you want a better quality of life, the fees that you once paid for life coaching will fall into oblivion over the years of you enjoying that better quality of life.

All life coaching fees

…must be paid in advance and vary in exchange rates daily. Life coaching each new client starts with a one-off 2 hours’ intake session.  Regardless of the length of working with me a client will only need one intake session. Coaching for learning difficulties is separate from the life coaching packs, paid per session, and does not require an intake session.
Here is what success guarantees I give on my coaching.

2-hour intake session480550630830
116 weekly 30min sessions
Extendable to 8 & 12 months
260min NLP coaching for learning difficulties80100110140
390min NLP coaching for learning difficulties250285330430
Payment optionsCashPayPalBanktransfer