NLP life coaching fees

(NLP) life coaching fees – and 4 reasons why money on coaching is money well spent

1. (NLP) life coaching fees can be exactly the element that makes a person have coaching or not. Many people seem to look at the fees first. Of course, money is important. We created and have to live in a world which revolves around money. Money is one of our precious resources. Most people therefore can’t afford to waste it. Similarly, sometimes the fees are too high for our budgets. But on the other hand we always find money for what we really want. How do people always find money for smoking? Likewise, how do the homeless always find money for alcohol?

2. If you want a better quality of life, the fees that you pay for (NLP) life coaching will fall into oblivion over the years of enjoying the better quality of life. And the quality will also perhaps even earn you more money. It is likewise tragic to see how much money people who won’t pay for coaching lose in their daily troubles, conflicts, and blocks which coaching would help them resolve. Yet those people think that they save because they don’t pay the coaching fees! If coaching didn’t have value, it certainly wouldn’t have become so successful among the successful. Cheap isn’t deep. Free has no value.

3. Besides, there’s nothing more annoying than not finding how much something costs. Many coaches do not display their life coaching fees, because they fear that the fees will scare people away. But they also create the impression that the price of high value should be hidden. I believe in openness being the best policy, and therefore display my life coaching fees to give people a choice. I wouldn’t like my time wasted, so I don’t waste people’s time.

4. Another understandable fact is that many people are skeptical about paying for coaching. There are coaches who coach for the money. And there’re coaches who coach from the heart. A person looking for a life coach cannot know which coach in which before s/he works with the coach. I quite often heard from people who had coaching that coaching helped them to an extent or had some benefits… but the second part of the sentences always is that coaching didn’t help them as much as they’d like. Exactly this motivates me to be the special person whom they’ll remember for having helped them more than they’d have liked!

All coaching fees

…must be paid in advance and vary in exchange rates daily. Life coaching every new client starts with a  2-hour intake session. A client will have only one intake session regardless of the length of working with me. Coaching for learning difficulties is separate from the life coaching packs, paid per session, and does not require an intake session.

Here is what success guarantees I give on my coaching. Due to the fact that free has no value and NLP life coaching has tremendous value I do not offer free consultations. It seems a cheesy marketing ploy to see coaches who charge 500 units of currency for half hour to offer free consultations.  Hence I don’t participate in this cheesy marketing. The fees for NLP life coaching are always worthwhile. And I don’t charge as much as they do since I want to make coaching accessible to members of the public who need it most.


Fees are for coaching individuals
2-hour intake session 600 710 1050 770 1145 1255
1 16 weekly 30-min sessions
extendable to 8 & 12 months
2400 2840 4196 3080 4565 5015
2 30-min session 150 180 265 195 290 315
60min NLP coaching for learning difficulties 100 120 175 130 195 210
One can pay by Cash PayPal Bank transfer Revolut Interac