Why Keeping the Momentum of the Life Coaching Process Is Important

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Many clients who start life coaching tend to start skipping the weekly sessions after the first two sessions, thus break the momentum of the coaching process up by excuses of other priorities.  Why is it important to discipline oneself to keep the momentum?

For three reasons. The first one is that the use it or lose it principle applies here the same as it does everywhere else in life.  The coaching process is like the process of getting physically fit – if you exercise twice a week, you’ll start feeling better even after the first two workouts.  With regularity – i.e. momentum – your muscles will start toning and your endorphins will go up, which will make you feel better and want to exercise more. When you then skip a session soon after having started workouts, your muscles will quickly get the message and get weaker again by inactivity.  The life coaching process is a mental workout which will make you fit in every other aspect of your life -knowing thyself, thy goals, values, purpose, vision, mission… everything. If you stop the physical workout after the first two sessions, your body won’t have the time / chance to get into the virtuous circle of the positive effects of working out.  The same applies to the life coaching process.

The second reason is that of training yourself to be disciplined.  Discipline is vital for success in every aspect of life: if we want to look and feel great, we must discipline ourselves to eat well and sleep enough. If we want to have money, we must discipline ourselves to earn and save it.  If we want to have toned bodies, we must discipline ourselves to exercise them. If we want to grow personally, we must discipline ourselves to work through the coaching process.  The coaching process at times holds us accountable for putting effort into it to get the maximum out of it.  Assignments, goal charts, inquiries are all good examples and can only help us grow if we have a clearly set time frame to fulfill the accountabilities.  A clear time frame carries a sense of urgency and urgency gets us moving. If you know that you have a week to complete an assignment, you’ll complete it in the week.  If you know that you have no time limit, you’ll complete it never.

The third reason is that momentum in life coaching will also keep us motivated to work on our personal growth, because we’ll be seeing more positive results as we go.  If we break the momentum, we’ll break our progress and results. A knot on a thread keeps the threat together, but will never make the thread as strong as it had been before it was broken and tied together by the knot.

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