NLP Chunking for Negotiation

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I wrote about how the NLP technique of chunking is useful for memorizing and remembering in this article. And I also wrote about how NLP chunking helps in dealing with learning difficulties here.  But you can use NLP chunking in absolutely any context.  Hence how can it help in negotiation?

It is always possible to reach an agreement when you chunk up enough. If you firstly chunk up to the principle involved and get the other party’s agreement, then you can chunk down to start defining the details. Financial institutions use this approach when they firstly approve a mortgage or loan in principle and then negotiate further details of the mortgage or loan with you. Periodically check with the other party: “Are the specific things / actions aligned with the agreed general principle?”

People have various needs, therefore disagreements arise. In many cases disagreements will be in the details of how people want to realize the general principles.  People often forget that they can reach agreement at a higher level – and return to the higher level and work down to the details.

If each party chunks up from specific details to a higher level and examines the essential principles / needs / desires involved, all parties will discover that they have some common aim / purpose and can agree in principle. Once all parties agree in principle, they can begin negotiation. Each party will chunk down to plan the next steps while the parties have a point of agreement to which they can return to and check that the negotiation is on course. Or if more disagreements arise, the point of agreement will be there for checking that everyone is going in the same common direction.

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