February 1 – a Better Time to Start on New Year’s Resolutions?

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Be enriched by reading on if you live in the northern hemisphere, because in the southern one, while enjoying the height of summer, people have absolutely no reason to even dream of issues this article will discuss! The gist of this article also won’t apply to you if you’re a person whose motivation and determination to reach your goals is so strong that nothing will distract you. But if you are a person whose motivation can always be strengthened, read on – and get some good coaching!

Albeit January 1 has become the most classic landmark of new beginnings, I see tremendous irony but no surprise about why the promise of most people’s new beginnings passes out of their lives as quickly as the month of January itself.  The reasons for this are simple, logical, and commonsense:

Firstly, while January 1 celebrates new beginnings, the reality in most people’s worlds is more of blues.  Lack of light – the northern hemisphere is in the darkest part of the year, lack of money after the festivities, and the postvacation blues are all hardly motivating for the weaker-willed characters [in which, let’s be realistic, the world prevails]. Albeit we’re socially conditioned to toast to new beginnings, many people feel unwilling to let go of the old comforts and take on the force to charge onwards and upwards with their lives or personal development.  Their resolutions to start something new are more symbolic of what should be than of where they feel they are.

But a month later is a different story. As the amout of daylight increases by roughly 15 minutes per week, the longer daylight becomes noticeable.  If a ninetofiver walks out of work at 5:30, s/he will still see daylight, even if deep blue.  Daylight brings natural energy into our bodies.  We feel more alive, the pull of the outdoors, want to be outside more, open the windows, let in air, take deep breaths, and look forward to the spring’s arrival. Isn’t this a much more motivating psychological environment for starting something new?

At the beginning of this article I said that I was describing the situation of most people.  Most doesn’t equal all.  I personally am one of the people to whom weather, darkness, nor postvacation blues don’t present blocks to taking on new challenges and getting what they want. But this is an advanced state of mental fitness that the majority of the world’s population – especially living in the well economically developed countries – does not have. So I aim this article at folks who need a little help to embark on their dreams.  Many times the push of a well-meaning friend / family member’s good word simply doesn’t have the right effect due to the interpersonal dynamics and motivation mix not being absolutely right. So a different angle – and one that most people would never make a connection to – should do the trick!  Not for nothing is February the month of purification!

If you need even more help with spending the rest of your time on this planet at your full potential, I’m here to guide you to living on The Leading Edge of Life.  Plunge into my contact page and let’s start the conversation!

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