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How are you voting with your energy?  What do you want in your life?  What are your highest values?  Is [for example] peace of mind important to you?  How often do you do what it takes to cultivate your peace of mind?  Or is connection a high value of yours?  How often do you choose to connect with people?

Think of spending thoughts / actions / energy in the same way as spending money.  If you spend your thoughts / actions on something, you’re voting for having more of that in your life.  What mental environments are you creating with your thoughts?  Do you focus on success, gratefulness, peace, or love?  Or do you spend your thoughts on stress, frustration, anger, or hatred?  That is a costly expenditure of your energy.

You’re living with your thoughts all the time.  Notice the internal dialogues [=self-talk] that you most often have.  Do you sort for a worst case scenario?  Creativity can be a drawback if that is your inclination.  You can live much of your life in a horror movie complete with special effects!  Or you can choose to spend your energy on creating more productive states of mind. Whenever you consider doing something, ask “does it lead to happiness?”  When we’re happy, we’re more inclined to be generous and loving toward others.  So by cultivating our thoughts and creating our happiness we’re serving the greater good as well.

As a person, family member, colleague, businessperson, or self coach you can be an anchor or exemplar of creating more productive states of mind, and help people around you create them for themselves and their environments.

  • What thoughts will serve them well as they invest in a task or relationship?
  • How might they be limiting their choices by holding [onto] certain thoughts?
  • What would / could be available if they changed their thoughts about a certain topic?


  • How are you thinking about this / that / the other problem?
  • What other perspectives could you take?
  • How’re you indulging in self-created suffering with this train of thought?
  • What different story could you create about this situation?
  • How could you think of this as fun or easy?
  • How could your thoughts serve you better in this situation?
  • How could you lighten up on yourself and inject some humour into the situation?

Contact me for more NLP ways in which you can productively vote with your energy.

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