NLP and Numerology: Which Has What?

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How are NLP and numerology different and how do they complement each other?  How can they each and together help a person to understand his/her strengths, limitations, health, and more? Why is it good to combine NLP and numerology in coaching? 

If numerology seems to you an airy-fairy craze that you should avoid, suspend your judgement for a moment. You may learn something from another perspective.  What I know of numerology has always proven very accurate. And others have also confirmed that it is accurate. Numerology studies dates of birth. It reveals details about a person’s health, character, career potential, even love matches. Hence it helps a person understand many things in his/her life. It is an ancient science which perfectly adopts to every stage of evolution. And it has been around for centuries. A date of birth can show a person’s career and personal potential, health problems, sexual energy, childhood problems, energy level, and much more. Numerology can even show why two people suit or do not suit each other.

Numerology has the what. NLP has the how.

For example, if a person’s date of birth shows that s/he often has intense surges of energy, NLP can help to clear, replace, and usefully channel the energy.  Or if numerology shows that a person is prone to a health problem, NLP offers strategies to treat the health issue. Similarly, if numerology helps someone to understand his/her career potential, NLP opens paths to careers that best suit the person. Or if numerology reveals a problem from childhood, the person will understand it from a new angle. And NLP can help him/her learn from the negative aspects and develop them into opportunities for growth. Likewise, if numerology indicates a person’s block in verbally expressing feelings, NLP supplies techniques for learning to melt the block and verbally express feelings.

NLP and numerology have another thing in common

The thing in common is energy. NLP works with energy a lot. Just read about clearing your energy. Or also how clearing the energy can immensely benefit people with learning difficulties. Numerology studies the energy of each number. It tells us what the energy brings into a birthdate and what impact a combination of the energies of the numbers in a birthdate creates.

I’ve dabbled in numerology since long before I started NLP coaching. And I find the collaboration between numerology and NLP wonderful. very powerful, and useful. It broadens my understanding of every person whose date of birth I know. And it certainly broadens every person’s understanding of him/herself. It could therefore certainly broaden yours too!

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