NLP and States

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Have you ever wondered why on some days you feel tired, slow, lazy, unproductive, and hate yourself for it because you feel that the million things that you should do are sanding still and time is ticking?  Many of us have those days.  And many of us feel powerless to do anything about them… 

Changing this is no rocket science.  The simple answer is knowing what state we’re in [and I don’t mean this sarcastically!].  Our state – the way of being at any given moment – affects everything we do whether we like / realize it or not.  We do have control over our states of being and can change them at will if we know what their triggers are.  So start with your state.  If you’re clear about your ideal state for doing something and if you then change your current state to the ideal state, you’ll much more easily achieve what you want.  So the next time you’re planning to learn something, consider:

  • what state do I need to be in when I’m learning something?
  • what state do I want other involved people to be in?

And when you know this, you can ask:

  • how am I going to get myself into this better state?
  • what do I need to do to be in this better state?  What steps do I need to take?
  • what do I need to do so that other involved people can be in a state that is useful?

What state were you in when you started reading this?  What state are you in now?

Contact me for more NLP help with controling your states of being and using them to your benefit.

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