Why Some People Claim That NLP Doesn’t Work

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I’ve heard people say that NLP doesn’t work for them. That inspired me to write this note. Why do they say that NLP doesn’t work?  How come it works for others?  What do the people miss for whom NLP doesn’t work? 

Only one factor

NLP doesn’t work because many people use NLP to attack only one factor of the system that makes something in their lives not work. We are systems. We live in systems. We create systems of beliefs, strategies, thinking, actions, and everything is connected. If you use NLP for tackling only one component of a system and leave all other components intact, there’s absolutely no wonder that NLP doesn’t work. Many NLP techniques even include a step that checks the ecology of a new solution / strategy. Many people don’t use this ecology check, and not using it results in NLP not working. NLP doesn’t work if people use it to attack only one component of a system, just like getting slimmer doesn’t work if a person only exercises, but doesn’t eat the right things in the right quantities at the right times and sleep enough. Luckily NLP won’t do any harm while exercising might aggravate the joints in such case. But the person’s generalization that NLP doesn’t work will do harm – to all the diligent NLP practitioners who make NLP work in millions of lives, and to the generalizing person too, because a generalized view is impoverished by the nature of being generalized.


Saying that NLP doesn’t work is also a generalization which is easy for a listener to take at the face value. When a listener hears someone say that NLP doesn’t work, the listener can fixate in his mind that NLP doesn’t work, because the listener highly likely won’t look beneath the surface of the speaker’s phrase. And because the word of mouth can be very influential. The listener only hears the tip of the iceberg of the speaker’s experience. If the listener doesn’t drill into the iceberg, he’ll never know what led the speaker to saying that NLP doesn’t work. In today’s society everything is getting more and more superficial, thus I doubt that many listeners will bother to drill into the speaker’s iceberg. They’ll just be influenced by the word of mouth that NLP doesn’t work and carry on living. What a pity!

If you believe it, you will achieve it

NLP doesn’t work also because a person believes that NLP won’t work. Even if you prove to such person that NLP does work, s/he’ll still think – and spread the word – that NLP doesn’t work unless s/he changes the belief that NLP could or even did indeed work for him/her. Beliefs are again systems, so you’ll highly likely get the idea. If not, read the first paragraph again.  That should give you the idea.

If NLP hasn’t worked for you so far and after reading this you are prepared to give it another chance, let me help you.

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