NLP, Energy Clearance, Learning Difficulties

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Why is regular clearing of the energy field vitally important for people with literacy / numeracy related and other learning difficulties? 

Everything is energy, whether we see the energy or not.  There’s energy in nature and our man-made environments. Objects, natural formations, plants, animals, and we are held together by energy. Actions of objects and our actions require and produce energy.  Resting, sleep, thought, and relaxation require and produce energy. People with learning difficulties are immensely visual.  Visual processing takes up and produces an immense amount of energy and when the visual sense is so strong that it overcrowds (thus weakens) other senses, the energy that the visual processing produces is even greater.  Since difficulties with learning something produce negative feelings [unless the learner is at a stage of being advanced enough to cope without a smidgen of them], the negative feelings bring on – negative -energy of their own.  The negative energy of the negative feelings + the energy of the visual processing can equal to an energetic bomb which many people aren’t equipped to deal with.  Thus energy gets pent up in people with learning difficulties and the pentup can trigger a vicious circle of negativity – pressure to learn – more visual processing energy spent on trying to learn – more difficulty learning – more negative energy…

This is why the NLP energy clearing process is immensely important for people with learning difficulties. Regular clearing of the energy field helps keep the energy level and balance in check, helps get rid of old / negative energy, and helps balance negative and positive energy. Regular energy clearance also tremendously helps with grounding, which immensely benefits people with and without learning difficulties. Clearing our energy field is like brushing our teeth or washing our bodies and requires the same discipline and commitment as does brushing our teeth or washing our bodies. Of course, discipline and commitment, plus viewing clearance of our energy field with the same importance as we view brushing teeth or washing our bodies requires skill and time.  If the skill isn’t natural to you, it can become natural if you make it natural.  And I can help you through some good coaching.  Contact me. 

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