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How can anyone use NLP for making life fulfilling? This is the age of achievement.  Never have more people accomplished more things in different fields.  More people are becoming successful at a faster rate than ever in history.  There have never been more opportunities for you to turn your dreams into reality. Despite this fact there’re always plenty of people whose lives are the opposite of fulfilling.  How come?  If it was really so hard to make life fulfilling, would there be so many successful people who know how to make their lives fulfilling?  Here’re the 7 launching pads of this rocket science…

Your ideal life is a balanced blend of these seven ingredients in exactly the combination that makes you the happiest at any moment.  Hence by defining your success and happiness by one or more of these seven ingredients you create a clear target to aim at.  You can then measure how well you’re doing and identify the areas where you need to make changes if you want life to improve.

1. peace of mind  

It is the highest human good. Nothing has much value without peace of mind.  We can measure peace of mind in corporations by the amount of harmony among workers.  The wonderful thing about peace of mind is that it is your naturally occurring condition.  It is therefore the basic prerequisite for enjoying everything else.

2. health and energy

As peace of mind is your natural mental state, health and energy is your natural physical state.  If you achieve all things in the material world but lose your health, you will get little or no enjoyment from your accomplishments.  So imagine yourself enjoying perfect health.  And also imagine how you would be if you were your ideal image of physical fitness.  Then strive for achieving the ideal health and fitness.

3. strong fulfilling relationships

…with the people you love and care about and the people who love and care about you. Your relationships are the real measure of how well you are doing as a human being.  You can measure at any time how well you are doing in any relationship by one simple test – laughter.  This is true for organisations too. Highly performing and profitable organisations are those in which people laugh and joke together.  Examine your relationships and develop a plan to make them enjoyable and satisfying – or more enjoyable and more satisfying.

4. financial freedom

Achieving it is one of the most important goals and responsibilities in life.  Feeling freedom is essential for achieving any other important goal. And you cannot be free until you have enough money not to have to be preoccupied with it.  When you decide exactly what you want your finances to look like, you will be able to use these seven ingredients to achieve your goals faster than you might have imagined possible.

5. worthy goals and ideals

To be truly happy you need a clear sense of direction.  You need to feel that your life stands for something, that you valuably contribute to you and the world.

6. know thyself

To perform at your best you must know who you are and why you think and feel the way you do.  Only when you understand and accept yourself can you move forward in other areas of life.

7. personal fulfillment

This is the feeling that you are becoming everything that you are capable of becoming – that you use your full potential at any moment.  Hence it is the sure knowledge that you are moving toward realizing your full potential as a human being.

NLP is great for creating fulfilling life, so use it straight away.

What you can do this second is take the brush of imagination and begin painting a masterpiece on the canvas of your life.  You clearly decide what would make you the happiest in everything you do.  Would you like more guidance or inspiration? Or perhaps a complete overhaul of life? Let’s talk about it.

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