Contact this NLP life coach in Toronto Canada, London UK, worldwide

By phone in Toronto Canada until 1 May: +1 437 992 1567

By phone in London UK: +44 7813 547 063 (standard UK mobile network call charges apply)

Dial 0044 7813 547 063 from anywhere in the world except the USA / Canada. Dial 01144 7813 47 063 from USA / Canada.

By Skype: star-of-the-world Skype star-of-the-world


Emails: due to computer malware I will not open emails with blank subject lines nor attachments, especially in case of first-time enquiries, unless prearranged.

For engagements in person I’m based in the city of Toronto Canada and London UK, happy to welcome you at my base, or attend meetings in a place of your choice within the area of Toronto / London.  I will not expect you to pay my travel expenses.

Times of coaching sessions: I coach 24 / 7 across the timezones, which benefits people with irregular working hours, busy traveling schedules, and situated within time zones other than GMT / EST.