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This coach employs a direct, clear, focused, systematic, intuitive, pragmatic coaching style for long-term results instead of long-term income! Her coaching style combines authority and understanding, hence can be directive or reflective.  Furthermore this coach coaches 247 365(6) across the timezones by phone and online worldwide, and in person in Toronto Canada and London UK.

Contact NLP life coach Toronto Canada - London UK - online People of all ages who speak any languages can benefit from NLP coaching for learning difficulties.This coach uses the tools of NLP, energetic NLP, grounding, and mental imagery. She works with people with dyslexic, dyscalculic, dyspraxic, ADD, ADHD, Asperger’s, memory underperforming, and other tendencies. Her coaching teaches them to use their visual skills to clearly and stably see words and numbers. And that is essential for eradicating learning difficulties.

Enriched by years of career in the performing arts this NLP coach also passes knowledge of music to people of 4 and more years of age in Toronto Canada and London UK. Using coaching and NLP in her teaching classical piano and music theory is another of her passions.  She is also active in visual arts.

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in London UK: +44 7813 547 063 (standard UK mobile network call charges apply)

in Toronto Canada: the number will be displayed when in Toronto

or also by email: EMAIL THE LIFE COACH

Emails: due to malware I will not open emails with blank subject lines nor attachments, especially in case of first-time enquiries. Of course, I will open emails with attachments when we arrange to send attachments.

Contact this NLP life coach for coaching in person in the city of Toronto Canada and London UK. I’ll certainly gladly welcome you at my bases. Or I’m equally happy to coach you in a place of your choice within the area of Toronto / London.  I will not charge travel expenses. And of course, we also have the option of coaching online.

When can you get coaching sessions? I coach 24 / 7 365(6) across the timezones. That benefits people with irregular working hours, busy traveling schedules, and situated within time zones other than GMT / EST.