Who is this NLP life & learning difficulties coach in Toronto Canada, London UK, worldwide?

  • NLP Master Certified Coach
  • global [and the only in Canada] NLP coach for un-learning difficulties with literacy / numeracy
  • NLP coach for landlords and tenants, retail, artists
  • NLP life coach in the private and public sectors in Canada, the UK, worldwide

London Toronto NLP Life Personal Coach

This coach employs a direct, clear, focused, systematic, intuitive, pragmatic, deep, reflective, results oriented coaching style, a combination of authority and understanding.

Her NLP coaching addresses health, relationships, work, money, success, literacy and numeracy related learning difficulties, disputes between landlords and tenants, and issues of artists by phone and online worldwide, and in person in Toronto Canada and London UK across the timezones.

This NLP coach helps people of all ages and native languages with literacy-related and other learning difficulties  with the tools of NLP, energetic NLP, and mental imagery by teaching people with dyslexic, dyscalculic, dyspraxic, ADD, ADHD, Asperger’s, memory underperforming, and other tendencies to use their visual skills to clearly and stably see words and numbers, improve dealing with, or effectively unlearn literacy-related and other learning difficulties.

Enriched by years of career in the performing arts this NLP coach now passes knowledge of music to people of 4 and more years of age who want to learn it by implementing coaching and NLP into her teaching.  NLP for the Music World is a unique promoter of the connection between NLP and teaching / learning music.