NLP and Numerology: a Successful Collaboration

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How are NLP and numerology different and complementary to each other?  How can they each and combined help any person understand themself, their strengths, and limitations? 

If you are one of the people to whom numerology seems an airy-fairy concept or a craze to be avoided – like clairvoyance or tarot cards, suspend your judgement for a moment – you may learn something.  What I know of numerology has always proven immensely accurate and others  to whom I relaid info that I got from their birthdays consistently confirmed the accuracy. Numerology is the study of a person’s birthdate done in order to reach greater understanding of the person. It is an ancient science which perfectly adopts to every epoch of the world’s evolution. A birthdate can tell a person’s potential to cope, career potential, health difficulties, sexual energy, childhood problems, energy level, and much more.

Numerology has the what, NLP has the how. For example, if a person’s birthdate shows that the person often lives through intense surges of energy, NLP can help with techniques for how to constructively channel and clear the energy.  If numerology reveals a person’s proneness to a health issue, NLP supplies strategies for the person to treat the health issue. If numerology helps a person understand his/her career potential, NLP helps to open up paths to careers that best suit the person. If a childhood problem reveals itself in numerology, now the person understands it on a new level and can recourse to NLP for ways to learn from the problem’s negative aspects and develop them into opportunities for growth. If numerology indicates a person’s block in verbally expressing their feelings, NLP supplies techniques for learning to melt the block and verbally express  feelings.

I’ve dabbed in numerology since long before I started coaching and find this collaboration between it and NLP immensely powerful and broadening of my understanding of each client whose birthdate I know and each client’s understanding of themself.

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