NLP for People Who Work With Computers

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If you are one of the people who work with computers or if you work at the computer for long periods of time no matter what your profession, how can NLP help you enjoy the time at the computer and make it healthier? How can you be more productive in a shorter time so that you sit at the computer less? Firstly, if you’re among people who work with computers, you’ll probably be no stranger to:

  • headaches
  • backaches
  • digestive problems
  • feeling scatty, floaty, ungrounded, all over the place
  • stress
  • inability to concentrate after a certain point in the day
  • frustration
  • hating it all
  • feeling drained of energy.

To improve, eradicate, or prevent many of them you can:

  • sip warm water throughout the time at the computer.  Water is grounding, energizing, brings electricity to the brain, and helps mental pictures to be still, which will helps you concentrate and do more in a shorter time. Sip small sips. Do not drink large amounts, because drinking when you’re not thirsty weakens the digestive fire. Weak digestive fire can cause many diseases.
  • keep your workspace tidy.  A tidy workspace will minimise distractibility / overwhelm and help you with grounding, calming, and concentration.
  • keep your feet on the ground while working on the computer.  This will be hard to get used to for many people, but hard doesn’t equal impossible.  If you practise, it will eventually become automatic and the most comfortable position to work in. It’s also good for good posture and keeps you balanced. Disciplining yourself to keep the feet on the ground will ground you, help the mind to be calm, and mental pictures to be still.
  • if you work on a computer in the evenings or in dark rooms, always have a light on. The light doesn’t have to be bright, but it has to be on. This will do marvels for your eyes. And your eyes are a very important asset to preserve for people who work with computers.

NLP is not only for people who work with computers!

Are you another type of professional? Or do you belong among people who work with computers?  If you’d like even more NLP help, let’s talk about it.

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