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Prior planning prevents poor performance.  Planning = preparation.  I’ll expand on how preparation prevents poor performance.  So be prepared!  

Preparation is the mark of a professional and of any successful person in any aspect of life.  As you move upward in any occupation, you will find that the top people spend far more time on preparation than do the average people.  The top 10 percent in any field are always more thoroughly prepared in every detail than those who struggle for a living in the same field.  On the way to achieving your most important goal continually ask yourself  What are the worst possible things that can happen?  And then prepare for the things.

The distinguishing trait of superior thinkers is that they assume that the worst will happen and make provisions against it.  Napoleon Bonaparte was once asked if he believed in luck.  His reply was “Yes, I do.  I believe in bad luck.  I believe I will always have it and I plan accordingly.”  Always prepare for the worst.  No matter what anyone tells you, be prepared for the possibility that s/he will not follow through.  Be proactive, not passive.  Instead of becoming angry or depressed get busy going.  Find an alternative.  Refuse to accept the current situation if it is not satisfactory.  Instead of waiting for things to happen make things happen.

Pilots carefully review a checklist prior to every flight.  Even if they have flown thousands of hours and have been active pilots for decades they still go through the checklist every single time.  You should prepare a checklist too.  No matter how many times you have made the same trip, you should review your checklist once more.  Never trust the memory.  Failing to check just one critical detail can leave you stranded and maybe even put your destination out of reach.  As you proceed toward your personal destinations and goals the consequences of not following your checklist will not be as severe.  But it is not unusual for a business to go broke or a person to lose all his/her resources because someone failed to pay attention to a critical detail.

Develop the NLP habit of preparation because it definitely will prevent poor performance.


  • research
  • checklists
  • motivation
  • strategies
  • future pacing [=visualizing how you’ll successfully perform / complete the journey to your destination / goal]
  • grounding
  • and whatever else works for you.

Prepare on the levels of:

  • environment
  • behavior
  • capability
  • beliefs and values
  • identity
  • and the broader scope beyond identity.
Need NLP help to prepare better or as part of your preparation?  Contact me.

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