So You Say Psychology Isn’t Important?

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It’s incredible how many times I’ve heard people [especially in the corporate professions such as transport, law, IT, banking, and a few others] tell me that they were worried about people who take a degree in psychology, because psychology was too wishy-washy, uncertain for the prospect of getting secure jobs on the basis of a degree in it, and somewhat not as important as were their professions [of course they’d say that!].  Their core argument was ‘we need lawyers, we need IT almighties, we need transport, we need bankers, but we don’t really need psychologists’.  These same people would also tell me that the number of people who go for a degree in psychology is the highest of all degrees simply because psychology is the easiest degree to get and if one wants a degree for the sake of the paper to give them the passport to a job in any field, a degree in psychology is an obvious choice without needing too much effort.  But then…  


…if this argument that psychology is wishy-washy and unimportant, and it’s questionable whether we need psychologists is true, then how come billions are invested into research of consumers’ behavior, habits, beliefs, etc?

My argument – and not only because I happen to be a professional in the field of psychology – will always be that the very opposite of what all these people say is true, but they don’t realize it because they’ve always seen this argument from only their angle. The entire life of every human being is built on psychology.

If it were not, and if psychology wasn’t as important as other professions, then

  • why would entire industries, notably retail and pharmaceutical, invest immense amounts of time, money, and energy in researching consumers’ buying behaviors, habits, and decision-making processes?
  • why would industries grow around stopping smoking, losing weight, fiscal management, etc?
  • why would there be so much value placed on the existence and incessant research of the placebo effect in the health and pharmaceutical world…
  • and why would health be such big business in the first place?
  • why would the occurrence of divorce be so high in today’s most affluent societies?
  •  why would the word coaching be so fashionable especially on the American continent nowadays?
  • why would the marketing industry exist at all?
  • why would it be that the highest percentage of people who finish a degree in psychology end up in marketing?
  • why would we have so many consultants of all types?

If you are a reader who has advocated the view that psychology is not as important as is perhaps your or some other profession until you came across this article, I invite you to suspend that view for a moment and try changing your perspective with the help of the points above.  If you tried it and now are the moments older and wiser, do you agree with me?

And if you’re a reader who has always agreed with my argument that every human being’s life was built on psychology, and are thinking of exactly the person who should read this because you’ve had this conversation with him/her before, I invite you to show it to that person and encourage that person to share his/her views of this subject with me directly.

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