Why Reading Bedtime Stories to Children Is Important

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Don’t underestimate bedtime stories if you are a parent and want your children to do well at school and in life!  Reading to your children will encourage them to get their imaginations going = visualize the content of what you’re reading.  This will help develop their visual memory useful at school for spelling, reading comprehension, learning lists, dealing with numbers and mental arithmetic, and in life.

And have fun with asking your children what they visualized!   Asking them about their experience = getting to know their ways of thinking.  Few parents ask their children what the character from the story looked like or was wearing when the children imagined it!  And the very parents who never ask find out that their child has trouble spelling, reading, remembering what s/he read, writing, or math.  If you don’t ask, you won’t know.  And if you don’t know, you won’t know your child.  No wonder then that discovering these differences can be a shock!

Keep asking – about everything!  Where and when did what happen, how, why, and who with whom made it happen?  Who and what else was there, colors, places, indoors or outdoors, things the characters had on or with them, etc.  And if you have a nanny who generally reads the bedtime stories, show her this article, ensure she understands its point, and train her to interact with your children too!

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