How You Can Help Stop Poor Literacy / Numeracy

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Poor literacy / numeracy is the number one reason why young people quit school and the number one block to them being ready for employment after leaving school.  This trend is easy to change as more people are understanding how our fabulously talented visual children and adults operate.  

Roughly 50% of the world’s population spell and read well and visualize words / numbers.  They take these skills for granted and are amazed at the fact that not everybody has them. The other 50% do not visualize words / numbers and range on a scale from minor problems with spelling to full-blown problems with literacy / numeracy such as dyslexia / dyscalculia when letters / numbers are moving around when these people look at a page of text.  The harder these people try to correct this movement, the more movement they get, and they work much harder than the rest.

Poor literacy / numeracy / dyslexia / dyscalculia can be almost eradicated if:

  • we teach every child at 4 years of age to see still [=not moving] letters / words / numbers before we teach phonics.  The first stage of learning phonics is to see / visualize letters.  If you can’t recall them, you’re lost!
  • teachers ask about children’s experiences and help to change them if necessary
  • we teach concrete nouns and colors first to trigger visual memory. And only when children master concrete nouns and colors, then we teach abstract nouns, pronouns, verbs, adverbs, prepositions,  conjunctions, and interjections.
  • we give children blank spaces on classroom walls for visualizing and less cluttered classrooms for better concentration and grounding.
  • we encourage children to keep looking up – out of their emotions and internal dialogue.  Looking down onto a table reinforces negative feelings.
  • we prop up books and reading materials to be at a slanted angle to a table and children write on sheets of paper stuck to a wall until they get confident.  Looking up removes negative emotions and internal dialogue, and helps the brain process information visually, not through feelings.

Contact me for more on how you can help stop poor literacy / numeracy with NLP.

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