Common Reasons for Poor Handwriting

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  • If someone spells poorly.  It’s easy to hide spelling mistakes in messy handwriting.
  • If someone has letters moving in his/her head when s/he looks at the page.  Movement makes handwriting indecipherable.
  • If someone’s internal pictures fade away quickly.  The fast fading of an internal picture will not enable the brain to notice the details in the picture and will cause a blur / mess in the mind – and handwriting.
  • If someone believes that there’s something motorically wrong with their hand / arm.  This belief will provide an excuse for poor handwriting as well as a barrier to the person’s motivation to attempt improving it.
  • if someone is ungrounded.

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NLP for Problems with Handwriting

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I worked with a man who used to write with his right hand, but one day suddenly wasn’t able to write the letters a and s and eventually anything with that hand.  Even o became problematic!  Then he learnt to write with his left hand and did so for years until one day the same happened as did with his right hand!  Everything else in his life was OK except writing. He was a student and was pretty depressed about the uncertainty of his future etc. …

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NLP for Difficulties with Handwriting

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Here’s a case of difficulties with handwriting.  The man who contacted me said this verbatim:

I’m an engineering student.  Til class 8 I used to write with my right hand, but I don’t know what happened to me and I started facing problems in writing. After trying a lot I was not able to regain my handwriting and faced problems in letters a. s, and others.  Eventually I was not even able to write ‘0’ properly. So I started writing with my left hand.  I practiced a lot and it went fine for a few years.  But from last year the same problem started arising in my left hand too.  Now I’m very depressed and tense about my future.  I can’t understand why this thing happens with writing only.  It works fine for every other thing I do.  I even went to a psychiatrist.  But he said there was no problem.  Please help me.

And here’s how I worked with him:  Read the rest of this entry »