ADHD or Auditory Problem?

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My 4 and a half year-old daughter refuses to color, write, read, and play independently.  She heads straight for the TV, computer, or anything electronic she can get her hands on.  She’s very bright.  I’ve had to take all the computer games away, sell her iTouch, and disconnect the TV.  I also have a 14 years-old son with ADHD. When he gets home from school, they play off each other.  That’s when the yelling starts.  My daughter doesn’t listen, doesn’t want to follow directions, I have to lock her in her room
with a timer set for 5 minutes for her to get dressed.  My husband is in complete denial.  I am bipolar, ADHD, depressed, and medicated.  My son is on lamictal and it wears off too early.
My daughter is the problem.  What do I do?  Who do I see?  What kind of Dr. do I bring her to?  School says she recognizes her words, but only when copying them, not trying on her own.  
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Could You Help Me With Writing & Math?

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“When writing, I can’t seem to say what I’d like to…
…and when I go to my math class, when the TA [teaching assistant] is there, she explains all to me, but when she isn’t there, I don’t understand the teacher. Then I just start drawing and get told off.  I learn well through colors, so what I tried to do is instead of writing with black ink I used coloring pens.  It really works.  But I get really stressed in my class when the girls [my classmates] shout and argue.” Read the rest of this entry »