So You Say Psychology Isn’t Important?

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It’s incredible how many times I’ve heard people [especially in the corporate professions such as transport, law, IT, banking, and a few others] tell me that they were worried about people who take a degree in psychology, because psychology was too wishy-washy, uncertain for the prospect of getting secure jobs on a degree in it, and not as important as were their professions. Of course they’d say that! Their core argument was ‘we need lawyers, we need IT almighties, we need transport, we need bankers, but we don’t really need psychologists’.  These same people would also tell me that the number of people who go for a degree in psychology is the highest of all degrees simply because psychology is the easiest degree to get and if one wants a degree as a passport to a job in any field, a degree in psychology is an obvious choice without too much effort.  But then…   Read the rest of this entry »