Have NLP life coaching in London UK

6 examples of how NLP makes the difference in life coaching

  • the next time you are to organize a party, event, project, meeting, or design a presentation, handout materials, job description, sales pitch,  organize your thoughts around the following questions: where & when, what, how [and how much], why, who [and with whom], and how is it to fit into the wider context beyond the event / material.  The benefit: you won’t be overwhelmed by the size and complexity of the task, because these questions have broken it down to smaller chunks and given your thoughts direction.
  • When you’re at the dentist’s, keep looking up during the treatment. You’ll be in the visual mode of processing information and the pain will be much lesser [because you will focus on visual processing, not that of feelings / sensations].
  • If you have a health issue which you want to eliminate or improve, NLP will help you reveal your beliefs about it and how they reflect in your health.  NLP will help you change hindering beliefs for more useful ones.
  • An NLP coach will notice your language patterns that may help or hinder you without you realizing it. If you have a habit of saying that you can’t, you’re reinforcing the attitude that you can’t. Your language reflects your inner reality very accurately!
  • An NLP coach will show you how you can improve your memory! If you keep looking up to one side every time you are describing something you’ve experienced, you’ll be able to improve your memory if you imagine what you want to remember in future and put the image up to that side.
  • An NLP coach will help you make negative experiences less intense. If you’re always remembering your negative experience as if you were looking through your eyes there and then, you’ll learn to change this to looking at the negative experience at a remove – seeing yourself in the situation on a movie screen in front of you in your imagination. That’s just one way of doing it!

Life coaching with NLP is ideal for:

  • People of absolutely all ages
  • Professionals with busy / traveling schedules
  • People geographically anywhere
  • People for whom time matters
  • People who want to solve problems in their lives
  • People who want the best out of their lives
  • Organizing thinking, time, money, actions
  • Dismantling & installing habits
  • Making useful decisions
  • Smoking, drinking, eating, narcotics, other addictions
  • Exploring what and why you believe and never questioned so far
  • Using intuition to your benefit
  • New viewpoints on grief / loss of people, things, states of mind, opportunities, potential
  • Weight / appearance / body image issues
  • Age issues
  • Phobias, allergies, systemic illnesses
  • Building helpful strategies for health, relationships, career, money, success

This list is not final!