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6 examples of how NLP makes the difference in life coaching

  • If you find getting up from your warm bed in the cold dark months difficult and want to get up more easily, NLP will help you find the subtle details that make your getting up difficult, and then identify the details that will make getting up easier. Once you find the differences between the two states and realise that they can be changed to taste, getting up will be a happy process!
  • If you’re very successful in one area of life and less or not at all in another, NLP will help you identify the structure of the success and of the failure and the difference that makes the difference.
  • If you’re a parent finding waking your child up for school an ardor, NLP coaching will help you understand why just barging into the child’s room and telling the child to get up won’t work.  What will work is if you come into the child’s room, lie down next to your child for a few seconds, and start stroking his/her hair.  No words need to be said – the child will feel your presence and touch and wake up very soon.  Once his/her eyes are open, you can say something in a soft voice.  But don’t leave the room – stay until the child is fully alert and ready to get up.   This works, because you’ve met the child in his/her world and the child got the message intuitively.
  • An NLP coach will catch your language patterns that help or hinder you without you realizing it. If you have the habit of saying that you can’t, you’re reinforcing the attitude that you can’t.  But if you turn the can’t to won’t, you’ll instantly sense the difference and become more observant of and sensitive to what you say to yourself and what others say to you!
  • An NLP coach will show you how you can improve your memory with the help of your eye movements! If you keep looking up to one side every time you are talking about a memory or experience, you’ll improve your memory if you imagine whatever you want to remember in future and put the image up to that side.
  • An NLP coach will help you make negative experiences less intense.  If you’re always remembering your negative experience as if you were looking through your eyes there and then and if your negative feelings flood you every time, you’ll learn to change this to looking at the negative experience at a remove – seeing yourself in the situation on a movie screen in front of you in your imagination – and your negative feelings will be less intense or even absent.  That’s just one way of doing it!

Life coaching with NLP is ideal for:

  • Adults, children, teenagers
  • Professionals with busy / traveling schedules
  • People geographically anywhere
  • People for whom time is precious
  • People who want the best out of their lives
  • Organizing thinking, time, money, actions
  • Dismantling and installing habits
  • Making useful decisions
  • Smoking, drinking, eating, narcotics, other addictions
  • Exploring what and why you believe and never questioned so far
  • Using intuition to your benefit
  • New viewpoints on grief / loss of people, things, states of mind, opportunities, potential
  • Weight / appearance / body image issues
  • Age issues
  • Phobias, allergies, systemic Illnesses
  • Building helpful strategies for health, relationships, career, money, success

This list is not exhaustive!