NLP for the Time Inefficient

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You need to stand back on a regular basis and analyze yourself, your life, your usage of time.  You need to become a master of your time rather than a slave to time pressures.   

Time is your most precious and valuable resource.  Time is perishable, irreplaceable, impossible to save.  It can only be reallocated from activities of lower value to activities of higher value.  All work requires time.  And time is essential for important relationships in your life.  The very act of taking a moment to think about your time before you spend it will immediately improve your personal time management.

Time management begins with you…  and your thinking through what is really important to you in life.  Time will be your friend only if you organize it around things that you want to accomplish.  You need to set goals in three major areas of your life.

Firstly, family and personal goals.  These are the real reasons why you get up in the morning, work hard and upgrade your skills, worry about money, and sometimes feel frustrated by the demands on your time.  What are your tangible and intangible personal and family goals?  A tangible family goal can be a bigger house, a vacation, or anything that costs money.  An intangible goal can be to build a better relationship with your spouse and/or children, or to spend more time with your family going for walks or reading books.  Achieving your family and personal goals is the real essence and major purpose of time management.

Secondly, business and career goals. These are the “how” goals, the means by which you achieve your personal “why” goals.  How can you achieve the level of income that will enable you to fulfill your family goals? How can you develop the skills and abilities to stay ahead in your career?  Business and career goals are absolutely essential, especially when balanced with family and personal goals.

Thirdly, personal development goals.  You can’t achieve more on the outside than what you have achieved and become on the inside.  Your outer life will be a reflection of your inner life.  If you wish to achieve worthwhile things in your personal and professional life, you must develop yourself into a worthwhile person.  You must build yourself if you want to build your life.  The core principle of success is that you can become anything you really want to become to achieve any goal you want to achieve. But in order to do it you must work on yourself and never stop.

3 things you can do immediately to put these ideas into action:

  1. develop the habit of stopping on a regular basis and thinking about what is really important to you. The more often you stop and think, the better decisions you will make.
  2. decide clearly on your personal and family goals.  Write them down.  Discuss them with others.  Be clear about why you are doing what you are.
  3. take time to think about your professional goals and the steps you will have to take to achieve them.  Do something every day that moves you forward in all three areas.

For further NLP help with managing and mastering your time contact me.

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