3 NLP Tips for Learning in the Classroom

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If you are currently studying in a classroom environment, these 3 tips will help you dramatically improve your learning experience in every lesson!

  • to faster copy things from a board keep your eyes on the board while writing on paper [equivalent to touch typing while looking at the computer screen, not at the keyboard].   After a little practice you’ll be surprised at how quickly and tidily you’ll write.  You’ll much quicker write down all the content and won’t run out of time while having recorded only some of it.
  • If you wish to improve your handwriting, select a font you like and copy it in the same way as described above – without looking at the paper.  Once finished, look at what you’ve written.  The results are always neater than people anticipate!  If you don’t like the result yet, practice until you do!
  • Check where you’re visualizing.  Looking up is excellent, but teach yourself to look up either slightly to the right, or left [sides don’t matter, experiment with what feels comfortable for you].  Avoid looking center front, because as you approach the center point, you change from one eye dominance to the other and this can cause losing parts of the words you’re visualizing.  So play with the sides and see where you get a clearer picture.  It’s your brain, it’s your choice, it’s your total control.

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