NLP for People Who Have Trouble Relaxing

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I’ve met many people who don’t know how to relax due to being stuck in living in the fast lane.  These people live the paradox of wanting to be highly productive all the time to please everyone [at once], yet often achieving the opposite.  That’s partly because regular relaxation is essential for long life and personal effectiveness. Here are 8 techniques for physically relaxing used by the most successful and highest paid people.  

1. Work only five or six days per week and rest completely on the seventh day.  Every single study in this area shows that you will be far more productive in the five or six days that you work if you take one or two days off completely than you would be if you worked through all seven days.

2. During your time off do not do anything that pertains to work. Let your mind completely relax and get busy doing things with your family / friends. Work around the house, go for a walk, exercise, watch a movie, or play with your children. Whatever you do, discipline yourself to shut your mind off work completely for at least one 24-hour period every seven days.

3. Take one three-day vacation every three months and during that time refrain from doing any work. Do not succumb to the temptation to catch up on even a few small things.  If you do, you will keep your mind in motion and end up neither resting nor doing work of any quality.

4. Take at least two full weeks off each year during which you do nothing work related.  You can either work or relax; you cannot do both.  If you succumb to the temptation to do a little work while you are on vacation, you’ll never give your mental and emotional fields a chance to recharge.  You’ll come back from your vacation as tired as you were when you left.

5. If you are involved in a difficult relationship or emotionally draining professional situation, discipline yourself to take a complete break from it at least one day per week.  Put the concern out of your mind.  Refuse to think about it.  Don’t continually discuss it with yourself or others, nor make telephone calls about it.  You cannot mentally perform at your best if you are emotionally preoccupied with a person or situation.  You have to give yourself a break.

6. Since change is as good as rest, going for a nice long walk is a wonderful way to relax emotionally and mentally.  As you put your physical body into motion, your thoughts and feelings will relax all by themselves.

7. The process of digestion consumes an enormous amount of physical energy. Thus if you eat lighter foods, you will feel better and more refreshed in general.  If you eat more fruits, vegetables, and wholegrain products, your digestive system will require less energy to process them.

8. Since what you eat has a tremendous impact on your level of physical, mental, and emotional energy, the more fastidious you are about what you put into your mouth, the better you will feel and the more productive you will be.  Foods high in fat, sugar, salt are not good for your body.  The lighter the foods you eat, the more energy you’ll have.

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