5 Tips for Un-Learning Difficulties Anywhere

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  • get grounded.  Putting your feet on the floor and feeling connected to the ground is invaluable for mental and emotional stability and concentration.  Try it barefooted and notice the difference.  If your legs feel uncomfortable, let the uncomfortable feeling go into the ground.  Especially ground yourself when sitting in classrooms / seminars / conferences, working in open-plan offices, working on computers for long periods of time, or working with paperwork that requires precision, such as documents in government offices.
  • clear your workspace and keep it tidy….  so that the material you’re working with is the only thing you see directly in your visual field. Clear tidy spaces have a very grounding positive effect on the brain and enable better sharper concentration.
  • discipline yourself to do one thing at a time. We’re often easily distracted by our thoughts, especially if we think prevalently in pictures, with one picture triggering another and another in rapid succession. Keep a notebook nearby to write down thoughts for action later and ask your brain to return to the primary topic you’re working on.  Being grounded will help you maintain this state. And making this state a habit will benefit you even more greatly in the long term!
  • get out of negative emotions.  When working at a desk / table / flat surface prop your reading / writing materials to a slanted position, i.e. at an angle to the desk / table / flat surface.  This slanted angle will take your reading / writing material higher into your visual field which is where your brain will process the content of the material visually and NOT kinesthetically [=through feelings].  This means that you’ll take yourself out of the emotions [kinesthetic processing] and will not be distracted by feelings of failure, hate of doing the task, overwhelm, or inability to do the task.
  • drink water throughout the day.  This may sound obvious, yet 80% of the world’s population are dehydrated.  Dehydration is sneaky, because many people don’t realize that it is happening until the feedback from the body is too strong and unpleasant, by which time the body is already severely dehydrated. Dehydration is also responsible for our cells falling apart because the outer layer of a cell is formed by Omega 3 and Omega 3 needs water to remain elastic and resilient. Dehydration is the direct result of people not being able to hold mental pictures still [=not moving] which results in poor concentration and inability to memorize. Most people with learning difficulties are constantly dehydrated! So now that you know, beware and act preventively!

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