Exercises for Sharpening Visual Skills

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Here are 4 exercises for sharpening your visual skills. They’ll make you more observant and improve your memory.  The key is to do them regularly until you feel proficient and automatic at visualising.

EXERCISE 1: stare at one object for 15 seconds.  Then close your eyes.  While your eyes are closed, notice how much of the object you see and how quickly it is disappearing.  Open the eyes and stare at the object for another 15 seconds.  Close the eyes and notice how much more of the object you see now.  Keep doing this for as long as it is fun for you.

EXERCISE 2: notice everything black in your surroundings.  Name all the things.  Then notice all the round things.  Name them all.  Then notice all the wooden things.  Name them all.  And continue in a similar way. Be creative!

EXERCISE 3: Imagine things that are part of your life, but with crazy permutations. Examples are:
a) your relative with pink hair [vary the colors…]
b) a dog you know with a blue / green fur with orange dots [vary the colors and patterns]
c) your front door in many colors / patterns / materials, etc. Fantasy has no limits.

EXERCISE 4: Observe how people around you sit, stand, lean.  Or you can observe how models pose on fashion websites and in magazines. Websites of retailers who sell clothes photographed on models are an excellent source for this. Similarly, observe how light and shadow fall on things and people. This may also make you great photographers as a positive byproduct, because photography is nothing more than keen observing with a camera in hand. The best photographers are indeed the best observers.

And if you still feel that fantasy does have limits and you would benefit from more NLP help with or exercises for sharpening your visual skills, let’s have a conversation.

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