NLP life coaching online will save you time, money, energy

by EMAILING THE LIFE COACH    and by Skype  Skype star-of-the-world

Direct benefits of online life coaching to the coached person

  • Convenient
  • Practical
  • Saves time, money, energy, traveling
  • No geographical restrictions
  • Cheaper than telephone coaching
  • Keeps many things in one place – on one device

Life coaching online, as well as telephone coaching, can remove the visual distractions of seeing the coach [and other details, such as what the coach is wearing] from the perspective of the more visual clients. This allows the coached person to better concentrate on putting thoughts into words.

Online coaching by email – I send the people whom I coach highlights from each session to which they can refer anytime for the rest of their lives!  Some people prefer online coaching by email for catching thoughts by typing them and seeing their thoughts in textual form.

Online life coaching is advantageous for easy sharing of texts, articles, web links, videos, images, and audio files such as telephone seminars / podcasts. Sending a file online takes time off the coaching session.  Files can be viewed instantly and their content can be immediately incorporated into the life coaching process.  No need to remember to send files later, nor put sending them on a to do list.