NLP for Breaking Vicious Circles

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How is NLP good for breaking vicious circles? We all know too well how hard beginning to build or getting back into good habits can be.  Breaking vicious circles to get into virtuous ones is the hardest thing for many people. That is why many poor or fat people remain poor or fat etc. On the other hand people who have broken the vicious circles and ride the virtuous ones will tell you that the pleasure is a thousand times stronger and longer than the best orgasm…  They have broken the vicious circles, which suggests that anyone can. But how?  NLP can definitely help.  

After breaking these circles…

What leads to the point of us breaking vicious circles has been written about countlessly.  But what happens after that point has not been written about, so I’ll break that circle. 🙂 I’ll do so with an easy example.  Imagine that you’ll go to exercise today for the first or after a long time. Perhaps you’ve been ill or away, and now want to resume regular exercise.  So you go and exercise.  And it feels terribly! It feels such hard work! All your fat pockets are aching the ache of inactivity. You feel heavy and cumbersome. Everything hurts! You seem to be sweating more or getting out of breath much more quickly. And perhaps you hate yourself for being in such terrible state.

But you persevere and exercise to the end, because you know that you’ll feel and sleep better tonight. And when you go again tomorrow, it will be a little easier.  It will indeed be easier tomorrow, because our bodies respond amazingly quickly. Plus feeling better today is motivating for you to go tomorrow.  And of course, telling yourself tonight that you’ve started and will continue tomorrow sounds far more acceptable.

Practise breaking vicious circles with or without NLP

The key to your success and pleasure of riding the virtuous circles is in practising breaking the vicious circles again and again as the opportunities to do so come in life. Your ultimate and lifelong goal is to make the breaking an effortless transition.  It is a fact that you’ll be ill or away and unable to exercise for longer periods of time in future. Thus you’ll go through the process of transition to resuming regular exercise again. You’ll feel the ache of inactivity, more sweat, breathing, and effort again on the first day. But the key to your long-term success and pleasure of enjoying the virtuous circles is to take the attitude that getting through this first – hardest – day is no big deal.  Tomorrow will be better.

And the third day will feel stellar…. And just imagine how stellarly you’ll feel in 2 weeks later!  Wow!  Practice makes you perfect at what you practise. So the more you practise breaking vicious circles, the faster and with less effort you’ll get into virtuous ones. The attraction of the pleasure of the virtuous ones will get stronger, because you’ll be getting more of the pleasure. And as the years will pass, the virtuous circles will ultimately become the norm, which is exactly where you want to be.

Need help, support, inspiration for getting into a virtuous circle in another aspect of your life? Let’s talk.

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