Clearing Your Energy With NLP

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How to clear your energy with NLP? Why do so many people feel sick and miserably so much of the time? Is it preventable? Can many illnesses be cured with regular clearing of our energy?  How can clearing your energy help you be healthier and happier? How can you clear your energy field with NLP?

Most people could hardly imagine life without cleaning their bodies. But have you ever thought of cleaning your energy field? It’s cheaper than soaps, shower gels, and water, and you can do it anywhere at any time with the power of imagination.

Clearing your energy field (with NLP) has immense benefits.

  • It will free you from mental heaviness
  • dissolve bad moods and negative internal dialog
  • settle and ground you
  • help to hold your internal pictures still = instantly improve concentration and the ability to remember things
  • free you from other people’s energies which you may be unaware of carrying. Maybe you had an unpleasant conversation with someone two days ago. The conversation ended two days ago, but you’re still carrying the energy from it. Or maybe you’re still carrying negative energy of a family member or an unpleasant or traumatic situation that happened years ago. Your beliefs give you energies that you carry – and metabolise.

So just like you feel great after you wash your body and put on clean clothes, you will feel much better if you regularly clear the debris of old energies, beliefs, thoughts, and programming, and replace them with clean energy. When you feel good and refreshed you’re more ready, willing, and able to take on whatever life brings.

Here is the NLP process of clearing and cleaning your energy field.

Drink a little water. It will ground you. Create an environment where you’ll be alone and nothing will disturb you. When you get proficient at clearing your energy after some practice, you won’t have to isolate yourself before you do it. You’ll be able to clear your energy on a bus or in the middle of an airport. For a start give yourself all the peace and comfort you can to learn the process well. Make yourself comfortable. If you’re sitting, put both feet on the ground. Keep the legs and arms uncrossed. If you’re lying, find a position in which you’ll fully relax. Close your eyes or have them open, whatever works better.

Imagine a large body of water in front of you. This can be a pool, lake, or ocean. Choose what works best for you. In the middle at the bottom of this body of water imagine a large strong magnet. Make it a colour, shape, and size that works for you, as long as it’s large and strong. Send all your negative energy, mental restlessness, resistances, objections, negative internal dialogs, old outdated beliefs, worrying thoughts, aches, pains, muscle tensions, food intolerances, health glitches, diseases, illnesses, difficulties, and old programming into this magnet. Let the magnet attract all the old energies, beliefs, thoughts, tensions, worries, aches, pains, intolerances, diseases, illnesses, resistances, emotions, and programming out of the front of your body and take them to the center of the earth.

Keep going…

If you feel anything blocking you from doing this, let go of the block. If nothing happens, release the block that’s blocking the block, etc. Don’t control it. Let it happen just as it does when you’re sitting in a cinema or theatre. You don’t have control over the film or play, you’re just experiencing it. The experience will be in pictures, sounds, feelings, or all three, whichever most appeals to your unconscious self. Don’t worry about losing something you need. Your unconscious self won’t let you release anything you might regret losing. It’s far more likely to keep things you don’t need than let you release things that you need.

Once the magnet has attracted all the negative energy, emotions, memories, beliefs, tensions, resistances, intolerances, aches, pains, diseases, illnesses, worries, and programming from the front of your body into the center of the earth, feel the suction of the magnet travel to the back of your body where a lot of clutter often hides. Let the magnet suck all the clutter out of the back of the body. And let it continue down the right side, left side, above the head, and below the feet.
Take as much time as you need. You have total control.

New energy must replace the old one

When there’s nothing left to send out of your body, take a few easy deep breaths, relax the jaw, the point between the eyebrows, chest, pelvis, knees, and feet. Imagine a large ball of fresh healing energy. Make this ball of the color(s) you like and add sparkle if you wish. This ball of energy rests above your head. Feel how it starts clearing and cleaning your outer energy – your aura. Let the ball of energy clear and clean your outer energy until it shines  and sparkles.

Now the ball of energy starts clearing and cleaning the energy centers in your head. It travels down the back of the neck where it will divide and move down the shoulders, clearing and cleaning the energy there. Then it will continue down the arms to the hands and fingers, down the back to the pelvis. As it moves through the back it will clear and clean all energy in all areas of the body associated with the back. As the energy goes into the pelvis, it picks up some of the earth energy and continues down the legs, knees, ankles, feet, toes.

Then this clearing and cleaning energy turns around and slowly moves to the front of the body, clearing and cleaning all energy centers in all the organs there, through the abdomen, chest, shoulders, throat, up to the neck and head, clearing and cleaning as it moves upwards. The ball will eventually fountain back out above your head, raining clean energy again to fill your whole body with it inside and out. Any excess cleared energy goes down into the ground and into the center of the earth where it gets reprocessed into positive healing energy.

And finally…

Take whatever time is appropriate for you to do this clearing. If you take 3 minutes a day, it will change your life. If you can afford 6 minutes or do it several times a day in shorter intervals, it will have even more benefit. Hence the important thing is to do it daily for the most benefit.  I used the metaphor with a body of water and magnet to demonstrate this NLP energy clearing process. If this metaphor doesn’t work for you, create one that does. Once you get the idea, you can create ways that will work for you. Fantasy has no limit, so let it serve you the best it can.

If you’d like to know how you can improve your illness or make yourself happier with clearing your energy and NLP let’s talk about it.

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