Why It’s Better to Hire an Unknown Coach Than a Famous Coach

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Many people looking for a life coach would love to have a famous coach who has coached big personalities.  Big names are big names for a reason. And ‘everyone’ wants them. It’s a virtuous circle of success attracting success. But is it really better to hire a life coach with a big famous name?  Or why should it be better to hire an unknown coach? 

A famous coach won’t give as good value

The reason is that, as in any field, people work hard up to the point when they become famous. When they’re famous,  they just ride on the big names for the rest of their careers. They work, but often to lower quality, because they trade on the fact that their names will sell even lower quality. People do it and companies do it. This happens in retail and everywhere we look. Sole traders who have no name and smaller companies usually give a customer far better value because they know well that they’re competing with the big names. A famous coach will certainly give you the name, but not necessarily the quality for the big money s/he’ll charge.  An unknown coach will give you superior quality for far less. So which one’s a better deal for you?

Depth and personalization

An unknown life coach will usually also be far more thorough than a famous coach. Thoroughness is important in coaching, because coaching is best when it’s deep, hence thorough. A famous coach won’t have time to pay you as much attention, because s/he’ll highly likely be a slave to a hectic schedule. The personal factor of a big name coach’s approach to you will also be lesser because a coach with a big name won’t have time to truly connect with you. The more famous the coach, the more s/he’ll likely work with groups rather than individuals. And this fact will also influence his/her depersonalized approach over time. In contrast, hire a coach who has no name and you’ll benefit from a much more thorough and personal approach to you as a coaching client.

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