NLP for Jetlag

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How can NLP help with jetlag? How can you and all travellers minimise the effects of jetlag?

In at least 4 NLP ways:


by not programming your mind for jetlag by readily accepting that you’ll have it before you board a plane.  Have you heard people saying ‘I’ll be jetlagged when I arrive‘?  Exactly the point!  The NLP principle that operates here is: if you say this to yourself before a journey, you’ll program your mind and body with your thinking.  What you believe you will achieve, and energy follows thought. If you think ‘I’ll be jetlagged‘, you’ll unconsciously program yourself to be jetlagged.  Of course the body will be impacted by going through changes in altitude, geographical positioning, time zones, and longer periods of inactivity. But if you cannot completely eliminate jetlag, you most certainly can minimize its effect.  Your mind and beliefs have immense subtle power.  And it is exactly the subtlety of the power that many folks overlook.


by not allowing yourself to look at the watch in flight, nor convert the time at your destination to what the time would be at the place of departure.  Example: if you fly from Toronto Canada to London UK, a) do not look at the watch at all in flight and b) do not think about what time it is in Toronto once you have landed in London.  A much better use of your energy is to concentrate on…


how you will fill the time between when you arrive and go to bed.  Have things to do and do them, as long as they do not involve things that could endanger you, such as driving if you really do not feel like it.  The fact that you have things to do will program you to concentrate on doing them. That will inevitably divert your attention from the fact that you should have jetlag. And it will not allow the body to switch off until you have finished the last thing.


by saying to yourself  ‘why should I have jetlag? Just because everyone else does?”.  Many energies impact us from our surroundings.  We often carry other people’s energies without realizing it. In the case of jetlag this translates into the fact that you take it on because it’s the done thing, because everyone else has it, so if you don’t, you’ll be weird.  Sounds laughable?  Maybe.  But that doesn’t alter the fact that it’s true.

Did these ideas inspire you to get more NLP help with jetlag or any other thing? Let’s talk about it.

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