Grounding Exercises for People With(out) Learning Difficulties

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This entry will help you if you have come across grounding and how useful it is for anyone anywhere in any situation, but still struggle with how to get grounded.   A few ways how are outlined below. 

Grounding exercise 1  Stand on one leg and pay attention to the contact of the sole of your foot with the ground.  How does this contact feel?  What does the charge building up in your leg feel like?  After some time stand on the other leg and repeat the process.

Grounding exercise 2  Stand on one leg with the knee bent and extend the other leg behind you for support and balance so that all your weight is resting on the leg which you’re standing on.  Hold this pose for 15 – 30 seconds until you feel vibrations of your muscles working. Then switch legs and repeat the process.

Grounding exercise 3  Stomp your feet alternatively on the floor.  Experiment with the ways in which you can do this; alter the angle of the blow, stomp only with the heel, or do whatever else you can devise.  This action also has great metaphorical value and can be used when a person needs to stand his/her ground, or put his/her foot down, i.e. assertively put a point across in a situation.

Grounding exercise 4 Stand against a well and then go into a squat with your back flat against the wall.  Cup your hands behind your head keeping your breathing full and open.  Sustain this posture at least to the point of vibration of your working muscles.  This exercise is very useful for building a solid energy charge in the legs and for strengthening.

Grounding exercise 5 consists of the following 5 alternatives of jumping.

  1. Jump up and down, banging the feet loudly on the floor like a protesting child.
  2. Jump as high as you can, but land on flat feet to get a solid sense of the ground.
  3. Stand on the heels and do your best to jump from this position.  The metaphorical value of this action is that if you aren’t well grounded, you cannot take a leap into new situations in life.
  4. Jump from and return to the ground on the toes, giving the experience of “springing up”, “taking a leap”, and returning lightly to the ground.
  5. Jump with a skipping rope or on a small trampoline.  Concentrate attention on your feet and legs.

More on grounding is written here and here.  For questions, insights, NLP help please contact me. 


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