Do Guarantees for Success of Life Coaching Exist?

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One person recently having asked me this question inspired me to answer it publicly and add the answer to my site for others’ benefit. 

Those of us living in the economically highly developed world are part of the instant sure fix society and many people inevitably soak up the instant sure fix mentality.  Albeit there are 100% guarantees in the world of product, because a product will either come to its consumer flawless or flawed, and if flawed, the consumer can return it for a refund or exchange it for a flawless one, the phenomenon of guarantees in all other areas of life is one of false security. Security is a human need that keeps us sane and grounded in the insecure complicated world of the highly developed societies.

Coaching and my work of unlearning difficulties with NLP is for the purposes of clarity classified in the business world under services and services are amongst the areas of life where the percentage of success guarantee depends on many factors.  The success of your hairstyle is down to your skill to communicate your hairstyle wishes precisely to guarantee the hairdresser’s understanding that matches your wishes and to the hairdresser’s expertise, commitment, and concentration put into executing your wishes.  How your hair color comes out on your hair is a thing that no hair color manufacturer can give you 100% success guarantee on, because every hair is different.  The color will color your hair.  But will you consider its shade a success?  That’s down to your unique combination of standards and expectations.  No manufacturer of medical drugs provides claims of 100% guarantees, because it knows that every organism who will use the drugs is different and some will react in ways that the manufacturer will classify as side effects. Surgeons always warn before major operations that there’s an x% chance of the operation not turning out well.  There’re no guarantees in nature, in business, in relationships, in the eternal longevity of even the healthiest of health.

So my answer is that I give 100% guarantee on my work if the client puts in 100% commitment, personal discipline, and passion into implementing what s/he learnt from working with me.  I mentioned the instant sure fix mentality for a reason and now come full circle to it.  Many people in today’s society have the attitude that paying someone to help them achieve some goal = paying someone to fix the issue for them so that the paying people don’t have to put in effort.  That will apply to people who work with inanimate objects, such as a plumber changing a defective part. But that won’t apply to people who work with processes. If you pay a personal trainer to help you become slimmer and keep slim for the long term, the trainer will tell you that you need to exercise, eat, and sleep correctly.  But if you don’t put in the effort and personal discipline to implement your trainer’s advice, you won’t achieve the goal!  Don’t blame the trainer!  Blame yourself!  Get some good coaching on facing your weaknesses!  In the same way people who expect the coach to do the work for them with the attitude that they’ve paid good money for the coach are digging a hole of 100% failure guarantee!  The coach is not paid to do anyone’s work for them, nor to fix anyone.  Fixing people is the realm of other professionals – refer to this article to get clear on the overlaps.  The coach is paid to guide people on fixing themselves.  If you and any other person involved in coaching with you [such as your child] don’t put your full awareness, intention, attention, commitment, and personal discipline into implementing what you learnt, that will be within your and outside any coach’s control.  Of course, many people feel better when they can blame their weaknesses in personal discipline etc. on the coach. It helps them cope with the harsh reality that they’re not perfect staring them in the eyes.  But hey!  Why do that?  Aren’t you hiring a coach because you want to improve yourself?

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