The long-term benefits & value of NLP life coaching are…

Life coaching is like a metro map. When you know your destination but don’t know how to get there, the map shows options for planning your journey.

  • Life coaching is easy-going, natural, unobtrusive.
  • Life coaching flexibly fits with your location, schedule, circumstances.
  • Life coaching can take place absolutely anywhere.
  • You create the agenda, the coach holds it.
  • You learn to understand what and why you do.
  • Life coaching strengthens memory.
  • Life coaching teaches clear and direct communication with yourself and others.
  • Life coaching develops self-discipline.
  • Life coaching helps you vote wisely with your time, money, energy.
  • The resources (re)acquired in life coaching = long-term saving of time, money, energy.
  • Issues can be dealt with content-free.
  • Life coaching content is confidential [unless otherwise agreed with your permission].
  • Life coaching helps solving problems and making decisions.
  • Life coaching helps you see situations from more points of view.
  • Life coaching  helps develop useful beliefs.
  • Life coaching benefits people of any age, culture, status, occupation.
  • Life coaching restores/affirms personal integrity.
  • Life coaching explores and helps you learn about who you are.
  • Life coaching inspires connection with the spiritual sphere.
  • Life coaching offers an insight into what’s beyond your  self and how it fits into the wholeness of the universe.
  • Life coaching enhances creativity, self-worth, self-confidence.
  • Life coaching improves your health.

Life Coaching is for mentally healthy and resourceful people determined to explore, grow, improve, and use more of their full potential. It is a process that naturally unobtrusively creates powerful lasting changes. It happens in a series of sessions over the phone, in person, or online, tailored to your needs during which the coach and you continuously design the flow of the process and follow your agenda. You determine the agenda for each session. The sessions can be used to address a variety of issues in the areas of health, relationships, work, money, and success, evaluating situations, installing or dismantling habits, making decisions, reinforcing and celebrating positive happenings, generating useful behaviours and ways of thinking, or making commitments.

The roots of life coaching can be traced to the Inner Game books of the mid 1970s. In these books W. Timothy Gallwey suggested a paradigm shift in sports coaching. He had noticed that players self-corrected when he coached with open questions instead of catching errors and offering suggestions. When a player relaxed and held a picture and feeling of the desired result, the player improved. The player had corrected without even knowing s/he had been in error, unselfconsciously. As the Inner Game books topped bestseller lists and Gallwey’s reputation grew, he found himself speaking more often to business leaders than to sports audiences. As the principles of the Inner Game were applied to professional development, the value of individual coaching became apparent.

NLP enhances the process of life coaching so that the NLP coach will more easily than a coach not trained in NLP  see your viewpoint by observing your physiology, listening to your language – and help decipher hindering language patterns, and get the feel for your successes and learning feedback through working with your environments, behaviors, capabilities, beliefs and values, identity, and all that is beyond who you are.